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Are Greenwich Police training the Mounties?

RCMP - Regina, Saskatchewan

The "GPD Manlys" on their way to the Greenwich Village costume ball

Canadian Mounties defend tasering 16-year-old girl. We get the same guff here in Greenwich, whether the cops are electrozapping a kid in the Student Center or a rowdy fellow, 32 times! on the sidewalk: “It was necessary and proper”. I grew up in town when some people were rough yet cops didn’t have tasers and I never heard of anyone having to be shot by the police. That is supposedly the rationale for this device; it’s serves as a non-fatal alternative to the sidearm, but it seems to be used more as a source of amusement and entertainment by sick bullies than a necessary means to subdue a suspect. Of course, a 71-year-old sign thief can be a preeeety dangerous fellow ….

Just saying.

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