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I stumbled across this cooking blog, “Eating out Loud” yeserday

And I was struck by its recipe for pork fried rice.

Pig in a rice field

It looked simple, quick and delicious, so this afternoon I went up to Shop Rite to pick up some scallions and some pork but while I was getting those, I noticed a woman in the Spanish produce department selecting three or four odd, green little balls labelled “chayote”.

the Wily Chayote

“How do you cook those?” I asked her, and with a little bit of pantomime, she explained that she made a stew out of them with string beans, celery, tomatoes and what looked liked parsley (great) but was probably cilantro (ugh). Anyway, they were cheap enough – $1.19 for three – and cooking is all abut trying new things,  so I grabbed three.

When home, I pulled up that fried pork recipe and to my surprise, on the border of the blog, the author has a soup recipe for chayotes. How fortuitous. I’ll give both his recipes a try (although I’m tempted to go with a stew version of the chayote) and report back, But it seems like a good site for cooks. Name again is “Eating Out Loud”


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