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When Round Hill loses its charm

Bear markets happen

Bear markets happen

Walt and the husbands of the Fabulous Five are looking for a new course to play through on, Freddie Bourke will want one too, assuming he’s still free to play outside after June 1st, Stephen Dido Dent will be paying alimony, not club dues soon, Peter Brandt is going to be rooming with Stephen, and gosh only knows whether Peter Dooney can stay a member at Maidstone once word gets out about his chasing Freddie around with a syringe filled with a “harmful substance”.

So, to help all those fellows, as well as any of you Merrill and Lehman guys who still have Internet access (it’s free at Greenwich Library, as you’ve probably already discovered, here’s a tip: A directory of public golf courses in the United States, Canada, and all countries that  don’t have an extradition treaty with the US.


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