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Nazis and left wing trolls

There’s a blogger dictum that says, more or less, that if you let comments run they’re guaranteed to produce a charge of “Nazi ism” within six posts. A fellow commenting below on the Obama bumper sticker broke that rule by coming up with the term after only one commentator had spoken, but he proved the point nonetheless.

He also called me a racist because I disagree with Obama’s prescription for socialism, thus proving other prognosticators right when they predicted, pre-election, that if Obama won any objection to his policies would be labelled racist because, like, you know, man, he’s like Black, so you must be a racist if you don’t go along.”

I find it amusing, in a patronizing sort of way, that people like our radical poster think of themselves as free thinkers, speaking truth to power and thinking where no man dared think before. In fact, were you to assemble a random crop of, college students, professors, Hollywood types and any editor from the New York Times, I could predict with 100% accuracy what their opinions would be on any social or political issue raised. 100% – guaranteed. You can do it too. Give it a try: Gun control? For. Abortion on demand? For. Gay marriage? For. Nuclear power? Against. Iraq war? Against before, ambivalent now. Big Oil? Against. Solar power? For. Power transmission lines? Against. Natural gas pipelines? Against. Speech codes on campus? For. Priuses? For. Organic food? For. Homeopathic “medicines”? For. residential recycling? For.  


These people have become the establishment and they are as rigid in their thinking and morality as the establishment they displaced. In fact, given their blindness to what they’ve become, I think they’re worse.


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