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Sales data

I’ve got a permanent link to the site over on the right under “Useful Links”, “Greenwich Sales Data”, but if you haven’t seen it, check out Raveis’s statistic pages. Quite informative and I can promise you, no salesman will call. Besides, would I steer you away to a competitor? Good data.

UPDATE: Raveis also has an excellent mapping tool, showing homes for sale (not just theirs), distance to schools, train, highways, etc., and lots of other good stuff, if you play around with it. It’s a rainy day, go for it!

UPDATE II – Retired IB’R asks whether the data is massaged – it isn’t; even if I no longer work for Bill Raveis I still respect and like him – always have, and he has worked hard at producing useful, accurate data because of his vision that the future of realtors lies in being a dispenser of information, not its gatekeeper. But I notice some houses aren’t listed – that’s not Raveis’ fault, that’s the fault of certain companies who refuse to release their information. The sales statistics are complete – they come from the MLS (but beware the “sales to ask ratio” of, say 88% – MLS uses last asking price, not original), but the mapping feature is a little less than 100%. You’ll still get a pretty good idea of what’s out there, though.

Here’s an irony, by the way: I left Raveis because his legal department wanted me to indemnify the firm from any law suits that might arise from my blog, a $100,000 or so liability I was unwilling to assume, especially when I can defend myself for free. A friend who’s still there tells me that they are now pushing their agents to start blogs as a marketing tool! I offered, many times, to give classes on blogging, just to be a team player. Never accepted but now that they forced me out, someone in marketing looked around and said, “gee…”. Heh.


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