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Here are some statistics from a reliable source

From Reader Pete the Appraiser, comes this summary he’s prepared of single family sales in Greenwich, calculating the sales price to the assessed value:

1st Qtr. 2008
Average Ratio: 1.48
Volume: 105

2nd Qtr. 2008
Average Ratio: 1.53
Volume: 140

% Price Change from 1st Qtr.: + 3.38%
3rd Qtr. 2008
Average Ratio: 1.52
Volume: 132
% Price Change from 2nd Qtr.: -0.65%

4th Qtr. 2008
Average Ratio: 1.37
Volume: 30
% Price Change from 3rd Qtr.: -9.87%

1st Half 2009
Average Ratio: 1.22
Volume: 95
% Price Change from 4th Qtr.: -10.95%

July 2009
Average Ratio: 1.36
Volume: 37
% Price Change from 1st Half: +11.48%

So Pete’s figures show that we’ve stopped falling precipitously and have climbed back to last quarter 2008 prices. That’s actually very encouraging, if it holds up. Question I have is whether this improvement is due to the normal spring market fervor, delayed until summer, or the start of something better. I don’t think we’ll know that until the end of November but I’ll certainly be watching September’s sales closely.


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