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By George he’s got it – I think he’s got it!

My brother Anthony’s been thinking – he’s good at that – and proposes the following real estate enhancer:

They make up new neighborhoods in Manhattan all the time: Soho, Hoho, TriBeCa, Nolita, Hudson Heights are all inventions of the past thirty or so years) so why not for this area? After consulting a map of the area I humbly suggest “West Harbour;” “harbour ” spelled the British way in order to give it extra, extra class.

You take that, add NoPo for the north of Post Road area, “North Mianus” for Cat Rock Road East (Fudrucker points out that plain old “Mianus” would be open for misinterpretation) and we’re on our way to an entire revaluation of real estate in our less desireable neighborhoods. Probably too late to do anything for Chickahomany and byram, but this blog is open to suggestions.


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