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Greenwich’s Plainfield Asset Management toast?

Antares better hope not. The company, under investigation by New York and , now that someone else has done the leg work for him, Connecticut’s own Richard Blumenthal, is paying $7 million a year on ultra-plush digs at 100 West Putnam Avenue. Blumenthal is such a joke – it’s a shame he’ll be moving to the Capitol to work greater mishief.

UPDATE: Here’s the Fortune article that recounts Plainfield’s troubles. From managing $5 billion before the crash, Plainfield’s down to $560 million plus $2 billion he’s holding captive until 2012 from investors who want their money back. That doesn’t sound like a strong business model.

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Dick Blumenthal has no shame

Our state Attorney General, he with the slicked back hair and overweening ambition, has once again reached for the spotlight after someone else turned it on. Now he’s decided he’s going after ACORN. This comes, of course, after years of reports of ACORN’s fraudulent practices ranging from voter registration drives to extortion. Blumenthal turned a blind eye to all that because of the organization’s political clout but now that that has evaporated, now that the Democrats, like Captain Renault, have discovered that ACORN is a criminal organization and eliminated its federal funding, Dick is there, ready to protect Connecticut residents against its predations.

Blumenthal has a track record of doing nothing except chase after more successful attorney generals, claiming credit for their work and preening for the cameras. Most notable were his silly claims to have starred in the tobacco class-action suits, and the Microsoft antitrust suit; in both instances, he joined in only after the suits were on the verge of settlement and he needed only to add his signature to the last page. The man has never attempted to go after Wall Street crooks, despite his citizens being ripped off for decades. Hell, he hasn’t uttered a peep about his neighbor Walter Noel and Fairfield Greenwich Group and I promise you that he won’t until his betters have untangled that fraud and prepared it for final judgment. Then we’ll see Dick, right up front, boasting of his devotion to duty and keen legal acumen. The man is a fraud himself and if we can’t prosecute him, surely we can turn him out of office.


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