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No use doing this in Greenwich

Dickie Fuld, in a move sure to infuriate Mad Monkey, sold his $14 million Jupiter Island Florida home to his wife for a couple of hundred bucks last November 10th. That’s well below MM’s $1,000 sf threshold, but there’s a point to Dickie’s generosity: Florida’s “Homestead exemption” law, which puts a Florida resident’s primary residence beyond the reach of creditors. Is Mrs. Fuld a Florida resident? If she isn’t, I’m sure she will be soon. Connecticut offers no such protection so I assume we can expect to see the house stay in whatever form of ownership it presently holds. Going back a ways to another Wall Street scandal, Richard (?) Levin (Levine?) managed to buy a $6 million dollar house in Florida before he was convicted and jailed as part of the Ivan Boseky insider trading fun. (all names are phonetic after all these years). Levine/Levin was a Kidder Peabody man, I think.


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