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From CityFile – FGG’s Murphy’s Townhouse for sale

Fairfield Greenwich Group partner and Round Hill neighbor of Walt Noel, Chuck Murphy, must be feeling the pinch as legal fees mount and nasty former clients show up demanding their money back. So he’s put the former mental institution/ townhouse he just recently purchased back on the market for sale. Will he join his cook out here in Greenwich and live happily ever after, or are the rumors true that he’ll be spreading a sleeping bag on the floor of the Noel garage until all this blows over? We’ll let you know as soon as we hear.

Here’s the townhouse. It’s just $37 million so you know it’s priced to sell and sell quickly. Interesting, taxes are only $76,000. Is that because of the lack of a long-overdue reassessment or are city taxes lower than I thought? 

Warning on the Sotheby’s link above. The site promises 10 pictures of the townhouse and delivers on that promise, sort of: there are only three different shots, repeated. I believe that reflects the new austerity program at Realogy/Sotheby’s in which only houses listed for more than $50 million get the full marketing treatment. Paupers’ palaces have to make do with less, as is appropriate.


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Okay, if Spain’s too hot for the Noels, how about rainy old England?

Real estate bargains there, too. There’s still the matter of disposing of 175 Round Hill Road, but if they’ll call me I’m sure I can help.

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