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Who knew? Greenwich High School had a genuine Objectivist matriculating as recently as 2008

While searching the internet for references to our town using toxic fly ash from the power plant to use as fill for the high school (no luck – I’ll try the oral histories at Greenwich Library) I came across this 2007 article from student editor Ryan Fazio denouncing a “save the children of Dafur” dance as a useless, feel-good gesture that would make its organizers and attendees feel virtuous while accomplishing nothing. My kind of guy! Intrigued, I poked around to see what Ryan had done with himself after GHS and found an opinion piece written while he was at Northwestern, in which he exposes the “living wage” campaign for the fraud it is.  So far so good. And according to LinkedIn, he’s now a commodities trader trainee at Louis Dreyfus on their shipping desk. Shades of Ragnar Danneskjöld! You go, Ryan and Cliff Asness, if you’re reading this, why don’t you snap this kid up?

Those of you who, like me, despair at what our high school turns out by way of political thinkers these days should find Ryan’s mere existence encouraging. Something similar to Dagny Taggart discovering that there were still people left in the world who thought as she did. It must have been a lonely existence at GHS and Northwestern for Mr. Fazio and I’m glad to see that he obviously both survived and prospered. May he always do so.


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