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How to save $200 (painfully)

First, stop by the Orvis warehouse sale on your way back from Westport (runs through January 25th). Pretend that you’re there to look for another pair of those $98 bluejeans (??!!) selling for $19, but drift over to the folding table where they have Vortex 8-12 wt. reels for sale, 1/2 price from original retail of $395. Hold the reel in your hand, feel its lightweight-strength and appreciate its glossy finish, its smooth action, dream a bit, and calculate that 1/2 off would pay for a guide’s services down in the keys. Well, perhaps not a full day, but if the lovely Miss Hooper were to accompany you, with or without bikini, and share the expense …

Then remember that you’re not planning a trip to the keys this year and that Miss Hooper has shown no sign of interest in inviting you down south. Andy Madoff is busy, Walter’s rented out the Villa Mustique to strangers and who the hell knows if there are fish off Mustique anyway? (There’s no need to remember that you already own a 10 wt. reel – what does that matter?) Place the reel back on the table, turn left and walk out the door. You’ve done it! Go treat yourself to a Starbucks – you’ve earned it, you frugal shopper you. The economy weeps.



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