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Sno Woevel, con’t

1888: "we're going to have to invent Cos Cob, Wilfred."

So I was out around town just now (off to see a new listing on the open house tour that, annoyingly, was cancelled without notice – wasted trip) and got to thinking more about this Sno Wovel gadget a reader mentioned yesterday. Amazon’s reviewers are mostly positive while The Duke is not.  I have never used one.

But watching homeowners dig out the sidewalks in front of their properties, it seemed to me that the tool would be an excellent choice for that task. Fortunately there are no sidewalks abutting Chez de la Fountaine but residents on Lockwood Road, say, with their brand new sidewalk, might want to look into it. They can probably cut a deal with The Duke and pick one up cheap.


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