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Announcing a new service: removal of Obama stickers from Lexus SUVs

The Demmerkrats are getting ready to impose a medicare tax on capital gains. Don’t worry, it will only apply, at least at first, to gains of $250,000 or more so if you sell your Greenwich house in the immediate future, you shouldn’t be hit – they can’t tax what doesn’t exist, yet. But if the market comes back, …

As a public service, and for only $35 per sticker, I’ll be conducting an Obama removal removal session Thursday, November 26th at the Eastern Middle School parking lot, 10-12. Special discounts for Bentleys.


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If even the Democrats acknowledge economic reality, can liberal Greenwichites still deny it?

This just in: Democrats and the New York Times admit that there aren’t enough millionaires to pay for everything liberals want and the middle class is going to get whacked. D’oh.

“Democrats are more worried about the deficits,” Mr. Burman added, but “they put the burden on a tiny fraction of the population that they figure doesn’t vote for them anyway.”

Mr. Burman and others recall that in the creation of Social Security and Medicare, Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson insisted that beneficiaries contribute through payroll taxes, both to finance the programs and to give all Americans a vested interest. The same philosophy should apply to seeking universal health coverage, they say.

“This idea that everything new that government provides ought to be paid for by the top 5 percent, that’s a basically unstable way of governing,” Mr. Burman said.

You don’t have to be an economic illiterate to be a liberal, I suppose, but it helps.

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$250,000 is the new Million

We’re going to solve all of our national problems by confiscating the earnings of everyone earning over $250,000, even though there will never be enough quarter-millionaires to fund all that fun. Now the states have glommed onto the idea and yesterday labor unions and the usual welfare rats were out in New York City demanding absolutely no cuts in their take. The solution to New York’s huge budget deficit? Why, raise taxes on those making $250,000, of course. When these people have chased off or destroyed the last of their successful peers and turn on themselves, the cannibalism will be truly ugly.


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