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And the aggregate IQ on campus plummeted

Fred Camillo, Jim Himes waiting to be fed

Fred Camillo, Jim Himes waiting to be fed

Camillo, Himes, appear at GHS to support gun control

Both were disappointed that the legislation stopped short of where they’d have wanted it, but apparently they’re satisfied that the state’s taken a great first step.

Too bad no one asked these yokels how barring a hunter from purchasing a box of skeet shells or .22s was going to prevent another Newtown, but at least the students saw how politicians milk tragedy for votes. Cynicism towards and suspicion of government cannot be started too soon.

Next election, don’t forget not to vote.

UPDATE: A reader sent along this pearl of wisdom from Himes’ lecture yesterday:

“If you make the decision to keep a weapon in your home, you have made a much more dangerous home, in which it is much more likely that you or your spouse or one of your children or neighbors will die with the gun you have chosen to keep,” he said. “If you want to do that, I believe that’s your right. But it’s not a debatable proposition that if you have a gun in the home, you are safer.”

Can we expect the Congressman to say the same thing about private swimming pools, which cause more  infant and child drowning deaths than guns by a factor of 100? I think not.


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