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Here’s something to give Greenwich sellers pause

I linked below to Mark Hanson’s article on the coming collapse of the mid-to-high-en housing market and here it is again. But if you don’t want to read a full page of down news, consider this tidbit:

A $1 Million House is now the House of a Millionaire

A $1 million house is now the home of a millionaire…someone who can put down $270k and show proof of over $200k per year income for the past few years. Oh, and a 740 credit score is paramount. Unlike the bubble years when a $1 million house could be purchased by a moderate income household — one working as a checker at Safeway and one a mailman (both great jobs with a combined gross income of over $100k) — now the buyers must be rich.

There are far more MTH houses on the MLS — and coming at the market in the foreclosure pipeline — than there are rich buyers who a) do not already own b) who are liquid enough to be able to buy a new house and rent their present house c) or that are in the enviable equity position to be able to sell, pay a Realtor and put a large down payment on their new house.

How many millionaires want to live in Greenwich?


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