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Kids will do the darndest things – when brainwashed by their teachers

hitler youthEngland is already encouraging children to spy on and report their parents for wasting energy and not recycling properly.  Now comes an even better idea, urging resentful neighbors to rat out those “living beyond their means”.  This latter idea has a real future in America, I think – we already have a party in power whipping up class warfare and resentment of those more successful than us, so who wouldn’t want to make their lives miserable by diming them to the IRS?

And we need not stop here. As collectivism takes hold and we all must answer to society for our behavior, we can report that fat guy next door who’s always finishing off a quart of Hagen Daaze, the bimbo who won’t wear a bicycle helmet because it ruins her hairdo and the eco-creep who still uses incandescents for porch lighting. What fun! And coming our way soon, I’d wager.


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