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The word from on high


No facts, please, I'm a Mets fan!

After he said such nice things to me earlier this morning I was considering sparing reader XYOUNT’s blood pressure by refraining from posting any nutty right-wing rants for an hour or two, but this article caught my eye and I can’t resist. Perhaps since it comes from the New york Times and quotes Demmerkrats, I’ll be forgiven.

Democrats, health economists express grave doubts over medical costs under ObamaKare.

WASHINGTON — As health care legislation moves toward a crucial airing in the Senate, the White House is facing a growing revolt from some Democrats and analysts who say the bills Congress is considering do not fulfill President Obama’s promise to slow the runaway rise in health care spending.


Mr. Obama has made cost containment a centerpiece of his health reform agenda, and in May he stood up at the White House with industry groups who pledged voluntary efforts to trim the growth of health care spending by 1.5 percent, or $2 trillion, over the next decade.

But health economists say it is impossible to know whether the bills, including one passed by the House on Saturday night, would meet that goal, and many are skeptical that they even come close.

Experts — including some who have consulted closely with the White House, like Dr. Denis A. Cortese, chief executive of the Mayo Clinic — say the measures take only baby steps toward revamping the current fee-for-service system, which drives up costs by paying health providers for each visit or procedure performed. Some senators are also dissatisfied.


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But will the FBI honor the landlord’s covenant of quiet enjoyment?

According to Cityfile.com, Walt and Monica are offering up their Hamptons place, $350,000 for the summer. We can look forward to seeing them around the Round Hill Club this August, I guess – reader Horsejock, who passed along this link, says that the poor Noels have now been turned for membership from both the Beach Club in the Hamptons and the Bath and Tennis Club at Palm Beach. They don’t seem to be welcome in Mustique, either, so it’s the 19th hole on Round Hill for them. Or failing that, Donny Romeo’s hotdog concession at Tod’s. Ronny’s not particular about who he serves. In the alternative, Walt can summer in a country that doesn’t  recognize U.S. extradition laws and start a new career – he does have that degree from Harvard, you know.


Walt's Hots

Walt's Hots


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