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Scusie can chow down again

“Who ordered the sweetbreads?”

Arson damage repaired, owner unshackled from the rafters where the Albanian Mafia hung him, Valbella’s is back in operation. This is a huge relief: one can only live so long on Susie’s Dish reporting on sightings of celebrities at CVS and it will be a relief to hear about Frank and Cathy and Regis dining at the restaurant again.


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Our murderous grandfather’s back in Greenwich Time

I missed the old bastard!

STAMFORD — A Pemberwick grandfather charged with killing his ex-daughter-in-law opted to take his case to trial Monday in state Superior Court, nearly a year and a half after his arrest.

Wouldn’t you be more interested in a story about the emergency responder saw the Valbella’s fire but hesitated to call it in from fear of offending the Gambinos, than yet another story about the plea history of this “grandfather” who slaughtered his grandchildren’s mother? I can only tell you that the first incident happened, because I can’t blow a source, but if our local paper can’t investigate that story, the least it could do is to stop affixing an emotional tag to this killer’s story, every time.


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