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Greenwich’s Chairman of the Land Use Commission, Peter Berg, is either a liar, an ignorant fool, or most likely, both.

Peter Berg, District 8

The P& Z has enacted its “lot coverage” regulations effective as of last Tuesday. If you’re a homeowner with an undersized lot or a one-story house you’ve just been thoroughly screwed. And even if you aren’t in either of those categories, the cost of adding on or renovating your house has just been hugely increased. Mark Pruner is not pleased, nor should you be.

“It adds an entire new regulatory regime to the present system of setbacks and height limitations and floor-area ratios,” Mark Pruner said. “It means that about 8 percent of the houses are over the limit,” referring to regulations that govern the height of houses and how far they are from property lines.”

The requirements range from 35 percent in the R-6 single and two-family homes on the smaller lot sizes, to 84 percent in the RA-4 zone, the minimum four-acre lots.

Pruner fears the green space requirements will prevent property owners from expanding their homes, even though the homes fall well within the FAR limits. He said owners could discover that buildings on the property, or paved driveways that are included in the impervious surface calculation, may limit home expansion.

“People who have a one-story house and have plenty of FAR are all of a sudden going to find out because of the things they have around the house they are not going to be able to develop further outside the house,” he said.

Here’s where the ignorance, wilful or otherwise, of Peter Berg comes in. Sadly, he’s speaking as head of the very body that foisted this on Greenwich property owners.

While Pruner is concerned about how the new regulations may affect property development and value, Berg argues that tight building regulations improve property values.

“We know that the towns that have the strictest zoning regulations have the highest property values,” Berg said.

1. Berg has put the cart before the horse here. Towns with the highest property values are people by owners who don’t want a trailer park next door lowering those values so they enact stricter zoning laws.

2. If Berg truly believes that his group hasn’t confiscated the property and thus the money of his fellow citizens then he knows absolutely nothing and hasn’t inquired into the facts.  Own a smaller lot, even if it’s not legally undersized? You’re hosed – what we will see in town now are larger lots which can accommodate FAR – approved sized houses increasing in value while smaller ones, because they can’t be added onto under these new regulations, fall. For Berg to say otherwise is just an absolute falsehood.

Berg, by the way, lives in Cos Cob so only Cos Cob residents can throw him out. But in fact, given the sprawling mess that is the RTM, there’s nothing effective to do about an individual’s perfidy – you can’t vote out a buffoon when because of the dearth of RTM candidates, members like Berg are “elected’ merely by placing their name on the ballot. The only avenue of redress is to find selectmen candidates who promise to repeal this entire FAR “Green Space” scheme and start over. Peter Tesei isn’t that man; he’s used his power of appointment for P&Z members to settle political scores but never to address issues of substance, nor are there any Democrats I’m aware of willing to stand up. Time to start searching for someone who is.


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Tesei achives life-time ambition, denies Fudrucker new term on the P&Z

Peter Tesei

  We’ve known this was coming. The pale, weak-chinned First Selectman has been obsessed with his former political opponent at least since they ran against each other for First Selectman and probably all the way back to First Grade, when little Frankie pointed out to fellow classmates that Petie had wee wee running out his sorts.

Literally – Tesei has been consumed about Fudrucker these past years, saying preposterous things and making outrageous untrue allegations. Guess his selectman duties don’t take up all that much time. One good thing that will come out of all this is that I am now free to fire at will at the smarmy bastard, and boy do I look forward to that. This will be my last civil posting on the man.


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Bush derangement syndrome continues

Former Enron advisor and current New York Times columnist Paul Krugman  calls for criminal investigations into Bush administration’s actions over the past eight years.  It is the most popular emailed article on the paper’s website and, assuming that these emails are generated by the Time’s typical reader, the left is with Krugman. Why would anyone want to tie up the country for another four years rehashing hysterical theories? Well, you start with the general low IQ of your average leftist, of course, but Krugman at least has the brains of a turnip and surely must know better. My guess is that he, and any fellow sentient beings who follow his logic, know that the Obama administration is doomed and along with it, all the economic nostrums championed by professor Krugman. So what to do? How to avoid being asked to explain this failure? Ratchet up the BDS sufferers, of course, and distract them. From now and continuing forever, it will be all Bush, all the time. Or so he must hope.


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