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California faces meltdown in 50 days, Legislature passes bill mandating spinach at day care

California is 50 days away from running out of cash and is light years from passing a budget. Its r esidents need not worry, however, their elected representatives are on the job and addressing even more crucial problems: not enough vegetables on day care menus. Oh, and too much whole milk. 

The Assembly has passed a bill to set minimum standards for food in licensed child-care centers, requiring a vegetable to be part of lunch and supper and forbidding whole milk for children 2 or older….”California enjoys a worldwide reputation for its sunny, healthy lifestyle,” said the bill’s author, Assemblywoman Julia Brownley (D-Santa Monica). “Childhood obesity rates threaten to steal this enviable position.”

The bill, which passed the Assembly on Wednesday by a 48-27 vote, now heads to the Senate.

If it becomes law, AB 627 would require low-fat or skim milk to be served to children 2 years old and older. It would limit sugar in cereals and eliminate deep frying and sweetened drinks. It also would establish an 18-month pilot project to evaluate stronger nutrition and physical activities standards.

Before you laugh too hard at those poor Californians, note that here in Connecticut we too don’t have a budget and are facing a billion dollar deficit. Our representatives spent the day enacting a law regulating the placement of charity donation bins.


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