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Here’s a new consideration – how solvent is your agent?

I ran into my old law partner (actually, he was the partner, I was a lowly associate) real estate attorney Dean Montgomery today and he told me of a new development that neither of us had heard of before: the Coldwell Banker agent with whom he has listed his Dolphin Cove residence is expected to pay for all advertising out of her pocket! It has always been customary for the brokerage house to pay for this stuff – after all, they take anywhere from 10% -50% of an agent’s commission and presumably that money goes for something – so I don’t know if this departure from practice is peculiar to one Stamford branch of Coldwell Banker or if it’s a new industry model, but before listing my house with someone I would want to know who was going to pay to advertise it and, if it was the responsibility of the agent, I’d demand to see her financial statement. (Hiram, if you’re really bored, feel free to diagram that sentence).

It would be a real bummer to have your house out on the market with just a few hand-written cardboard signs posted at the local deli to advertise it.


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