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Williams College and its war on its alumni

Goodbye to all that

Goodbye to all that

Here’s a report of Williams College’s admission decisions this year. I have absolutely no doubt that it is identical to the colleges many FWIW readers attended themselves.

Williams College Admits 1,150 students for class of 2018

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., March 27, 2014—Williams College has extended offers of admission to 1,150 applicants for the Class of 2018. They were selected from a total applicant pool of 6,316, for an overall acceptance rate of 18 percent.

Of the admitted students, 566 are women and 584 are men. Ninety-nine students are non-U.S. citizens, representing 46 different nationalities. Among American students, 49 percent are students of color, 165 students are African American, 218 Asian American, 166 Latino, and 10 Native American. Sixteen percent (179) would be among the first generation in their families to attend college.

Among the admitted students living in the U.S.: 29 percent hail from the Mid-Atlantic; 19 percent from the West; 18 percent from the Northeast; 11 percent from the South; 8 percent from the Midwest; 6 percent from the Southwest. Six students are from Puerto Rico and one student is from Guam.

Let’s parse those numbers: 1,150 total, less 99 foreign born = 1051, 49% (515) of whom are “persons of color”. That leaves 536 openings for white boys and girls, 18% (48) each for children living in the northeast. Ch0ate, Exeter, Brunswick, Greenwich High, Rye High School, and on and on: 48 boys, 48 girls.

Essentially, Williams is telling its alumni and all white children from privileged backgrounds to forget applying. That’s the school’s choice; it’s a private institution and can do as it pleases, but I wonder whether the endowments of schools like Williams are large enough to survive the complete cut-off of alumni donations? If not, how do they intend to fund the education for all the “persons of color” they now prefer?


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