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Fountain for Tax Collector?

My brother John is visiting and, reading about our new tax collector Tod Laudonia’s nonfeasance, suggests that I run for the office. I’ll admit the idea has appeal. I know nothing about tax collecting, so I’m as qualified as Mr. Laudonia, the job pays $100 grand a year and is not only part-time, it is, at least as performed by Laudonia, no time. Unlike Laudonia I don’t golf but I do enjoy sailing and fishing so I could keep myself as busy as he does. As to putting out tax bills, who cares? As several readers have pointed out, the taxes are due whether or not a bill is sent, so I could fire everyone else on the staff, for a significant saving, and just direct the town attorney, who’s already on the town payroll, to sue everyone twice a year.

I like it.


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