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Terrorist stop in Cos Cob!


Expired emissions sticker

Approximately 112 Greenwich cops were out in force on the Post Road this morning, stopping cars and nabbing violators of our various motor vehicle laws. Reached for comment by FWIW’s Scusie, GPD Chief David Ridberg was quick to justify the expenditure of manpower and money for such a seemingly – mundane task. “It’s all about being prepared,” he stated. “With Sheik whatshisface coming in for trial in New York every terrorist in the world is gonna want a crack at us. I figure they’ll stop at the Stamford mall for a little shopping while they’re over here, and then drive right through our town on the way to the federal court house in the City. Right through here! They try that and they don’t have their seat belt fastened, boy do we got ’em!”

“We’ve already nabbed one,” he added, “even though this was just a practice run. Big fat fella, with an out of date emissions sticker and possession of an incandescent light bulb. Sure it’ll cost the town money to do this, but if it saves the life of one child ….”


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