If she works double shifts, your philosophy major may still have time to pay off her student loans


A is A

Japanese robot barista demonstrated at trade show but still makes a lousy latte.

Give ‘em five years.


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Wasn’t it that outreaching that caused all the trouble in the first place?

imagesHomosexuals welcome Catholic bishops’ outreach


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This isn’t politics, this is science a la Obama

I was just saying, what we need to lead us out of this crisis is a good lawyer - lobbyist

I was just saying, what we need to lead us out of this crisis is a good lawyer – lobbyist

The president appoints Ron Klain Ebola Tsar

An attorney, Mr. Klain is a former senior White House aide and served as chief of staff to Mr. Biden, then-Vice President Gore and then-Attorney General Janet Reno. Mr. Klain also served as chief counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Mr. Klain was a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Byron White. In between his stints in government, Mr. Klain has been a lobbyist, working for Fannie Mae and Time Warner. Since leaving Mr. Biden’s office in 2011, he has been the president and general counsel for an investment firm founded by AOL magnate Steve Case .


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Still more experts weigh in

Dr. Doolittle has an opinion

Dr. Doolittle has an opinion

United States Fish & Wildlife Service: Ebola is the direct result of global warming.

Even the staunchest followers of Mother Gaia ought to take pause in their belief when they see every idiot loose on the planet blaming the world’s woes on one source, especially when Ebola has already been conclusively proved to have been caused by Republicans and the NRA.


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What could possibly go wrong?

"So I took Barry by the neck and I says, "you wanna win this thing or not?"

“So I took Barry by the neck and I says, “you wanna win this thing or not?”

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac close to reopening risky loan spigot.

Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac , their regulator and lenders are close to an agreement that could greatly expand mortgage credit while helping lenders protect themselves from charges of making bad loans, according to people familiar with the matter.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have recouped tens of billions of dollars in penalties from lenders in recent years over claims that the lenders made underwriting mistakes on loans they sold to the mortgage giants. Lenders have blamed those penalties for tight credit conditions and for prompting them to make loans only to borrowers with near-pristine credit.

So now we can do it all over again, but this time without the threat of fines. Must be election time.

Related: JP Morgan planning $6.5 billion headquarters building on Hudson Yards.


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The poll may be bogus, but here in Greenwich, parking is still hot

Designated humping spots

Designated humping space

Poll claims 1-in-10 travelers has had sex in airports. Apparently in anticipation of those same amorous travelers arriving in Greenwich by train, our parking division has erected signs below Greenwich Plaza, urging people to get on with it, quickly.


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I am woman, hear me mewl

It's my FEELINGS that matter, not facts

It’s my FEELINGS that matter, not facts

At Wellesley College, the same place where students demanded that a statue of a man in underwear be removed because it “triggered dark fears”, a transgender student can’t be the class “diversity officer” because she now identifies as a white male.

Glenn Reynolds, law professor at the University of Tennessee, links to this story and has exactly the right response:

Tip: When students go on about social justice, the proper response is to tell them you don’t care what they think, because they don’t know enough to have an intelligent opinion yet. If universities were run on this principle, the 3% of students responsible for 98% of the idiocy would no longer have their destructive impact. Also, it’s true: They don’t know enough to have an intelligent opinion, as demonstrated by the opinions they do have.

Tuition at Wellesley for the academic year of 2014 is $59,000, just in case you were wondering.


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