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And again

Global warming is real because I say it is

Global warming is real because I say it is

Stymied by Congress, on Tuesday Obama will move to shut down existing coal – powered energy plants through executive fiat. And anything else that stirs his royal brain.

The White House released a video Saturday of the president discussing the speech, in which he will lay out environmental actions that he will take on his executive authority, without relying on approval from a divided Congress.

U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said in an interview Saturday, “It’s important for the president to act because the Congress is still denying the science and is not about to pass any legislation. The president has broad authority to accomplish many reductions through regulation on his own, without Congress.”

One person briefed on the speech said the president would discuss a number of options for dealing with climate change, including approving more renewable-energy projects on public land and issuing energy-efficiency regulations. The Department of the Interior has a number of renewable-energy projects under review, while the Department of Energy is working on regulation of household appliances.


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Speaking of suicide, Obummer’s goal to destroy the economy to save the world from global warming is futile

Dollar Bill has a great pain between his ears

Not the destroying the economy part – he’s determined to join Europe in its suicide and he’s aided and abetted by the media and the useful idiots on the left. But futile because China, which is building a new coal-fired power plant a week, is going to dwarf all of western civilization in CO2 emissions soon, very soon. The increase in cars in that country is predicted to be “insane”.  In fact, by 2030, its CO2 production is likely to equal the entire world’s production of that fatal gas today. (For the mathematically challenged, that’s 18 years away).

India’s CO2 emissions will triple by 2030.

A drought in the Amazon in 2010 produced as much CO2 as India produced that year.

Experts” like Al Gore say that global warming will be irreversible by 2017 at present levels.

In view of all this and not surprisingly, China has told the EU that it won’t buy their friggin’ Airbus if it involves paying that organization’s punitive carbon tax. It also refused to sign the Kyoto treaty, as did we, back when even Democrats had a few brain cells still functioning.

Finally, and as the ultimate Polish joke, Poland has vetoed its participation in “mandatory” EU carbon emission cuts, thus depriving the union of the unanimous consent required from all members if those cuts are to be imposed. It’s a sad day (not really) when Poles have more common sense than the brightest, “the science is settled” thinkers of the rest of Europe and the United States combined.

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And the global warming fraud continues

South Africa” rich nations agree to pay $100 billion to corrupt regime, do nothing on cutting emissions. 

As usual, the parties warned of doomsday but once again extended the end of days – our climate must be getting better every day!

Environmentalists criticized the package — as did many developing countries in the debate — for failing to address what they called the most urgent issue, to move faster and deeper in cutting carbon emissions.

Scientists say that unless those emissions — chiefly carbon dioxide from power generation and industry — level out and reverse within a few years, the Earth will be set on a possibly irreversible path of rising temperatures that lead to ever greater climate catastrophes.

I’ve followed these people for years (search “global warming fraud” in this blog’s archives) and we are far, far beyond the  “point of no return” various morons like Prince Charles and environmental “scientists” have declared. These people never acknowledge their error but instead, every time a deadline passes, they simply create a new one. So which is it? Are we now too late to save the planet or were the boyz wrong originally?

This is about money and centralized authority and nothing else.


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Danger, Will Robinson!

Here are some scientists who say that CO2 levels do cause Antarctic ice to melt.

The polar bears need not pack their bags and swim north to join their penguin friends just yet, however.

“The system is not linear and there may be a different threshold for melting the ice sheet, but if we continue on our current path of warming we will eventually reach that tipping point,” says Huber. “Of course after we cross that threshold it will still take many thousands of years to melt an ice sheet.

Here are some scientists who said the same thing in 2002 – Gore must have missed them when making his movie.

And here:

What was learned
In the words of the three researchers, they determined that “most of the individual model runs fail to reproduce the MDV of past climate, which may have led to the overestimation of the projection of global warming for the next 40 years or so.” More specifically, they note that simply taking into account the impact of the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation or AMO, “the global average temperature could level off during the 2020s-2040s,” such that the true temperature change between 2011 and 2050 “could be much smaller than the AR4 projection.”

What it means
Apparently, the models upon which the IPCC bases its climate projections still fail to include the physics necessary to faithfully replicate even well-known features of earth’s climate system, which should give one pause to wonder what else of a more stealth-type nature they might be missing.

And so on and so forth. Just Google CO2 Antarctic and you’ll find dozens of peer-reviewed, scientific papers debunking the  “settled science” of imminent doom. The only thing settled is that the media and power-grabbing looters are out to bankrupt the world and rule your life. but you knew that already, didn’t you?


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Global Warming doom sayers

 Last year on this blog I collected a bunch of warnings post – 1997′ s Coyote protocol, all predicting the tipping our climate past the reversal point by 2006, at latest. Since that year came and went without the world doing what these experts knew was best, they’ve revised their absolute certain knowledge and now concede we have a little more time, but by golly, not much! It astonishes me that otherwise intelligent people act like Charlie Brown when Lucy offers her football, yet again. What part about sucker don’t you get?

2006: 10 years or it’s all too late

2007: It’s already too late!

2008: 100 months, and we really,really mean it this time!

Prince Charles, 2009: less than 100 months. Ooh, the clock is ticking! 88 months now, Prince Charlie!

James Hansen, 2009. every single coal powered plant in the world must be shut down by 2029 or we’re doomed. Dr. Hansen, employed at taxpayers’ expense at NAASA, also advocates the jailing of all power plant executives and the use of the Global Warming “crisis” to redistribute our wealth to the Third World, but those are different issues.


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Next thing you know, they’ll tell us global warming was over-hyped, too.

CBS: Swine flu not as prevalent as feared. D’oh. (h/t, Fly).

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Useful Idiots

At the same time the United States Senate and the EPA are preparing to impose billions of dollars in new burdens on industry and consumers via its “Co2 is a deadly substance” ruling, China is easing off its Olympic showcase efforts to curtail carbon emmissions and pollution and is instead, as the NYT smoothly puts it, “concentrating on growth.” 

Everything proposed by Congress and the regulators to shut down commerce in the US will be effective (or so they say) only if China and India take reciprocal steps. Well, they aren’t doing that, so we will impoverish ourselves and open the door for China to become the world’s largest industrial power for what? We can’t stop global warming by ourselves, but we can certainly cede economic dominance to another country and that’s what we’re doing. All part of the vast left wing conspiracy or just dumb insanity. For now, I’m going with the latter.

How bad will the EPA ruling be? Well, if a minnow can shut off the water to California’s farm industry, or a spotted owl can close the timer industry throughout the northwest, imagine the reach of a plan that purports to control Co2 emissions. That would be trees, bulldozer, cows, cement factories, power plants, automobiles, trucks, trains and airplanes, farming activity, and every single construction project in America. Not a single one of the “shovel ready” projects that Obama’s stimulus plan is supposed to jump start has been cleared by the EPA for carbon emissions. Not one, and I leave it to your experience to estimate how many of those projects will be stopped dead in their tracks by no-growth environmentalists. I’d guess it will be all of them.

We’re living in interesting times and things are only going to get more interesting.


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This crap gives Realtors and energy saving both a bad name

If it’s green, we’ll hype it! Here for your reading pleasure is an example. I’ve highlighted the bullshit.

The outlook sounds bleak for both buyers and sellers, but Realtor Michael Kiefer sees a silver lining in all of that – a green lining, to be precise. As people tighten their belts and try to live frugally, property that’s eco-friendly is becoming hot. Green real estate – which includes energy-efficient design, cost-saving appliances and long-lasting Earth-friendly or recycled materials – is increasingly sought, Kiefer says.

“This housing crisis has people thinking more closely about their utilities and being more conscious about how they operate a home,” says Kiefer…. Kiefer is an example of a new breed of real estate agents, professionals who have earned special credentials as experts in eco-friendly homes. Though there are currently only a handful of “green” real estate agents working in the District, the ranks of these planet-conscious pros are growing.


“When I started out four years ago [advocating green real estate], people would say ‘Green what?'” says Kiefer. Now, however, homeowners know enough to not “leave a light on in every room.”

Kiefer boosted his green smarts by becoming trained and certified as an expert in sustainable and environmentally friendly design by EcoBroker International (EcoBroker.com) in 2006. EcoBroker has been certifying professionals since 2002 through its courses in topics such as solar thermal energy, environmentally friendly paints and window finishings. In November 2008, the 1.3 million-member-strong National Association of Realtors launched its own Green Designee program (Greenresourcecouncil.org) to educate Realtors in green property and practices. Both the NAR and the EcoBroker programs require 18 hours of training; EcoBroker’s is completely online; NAR’s requires some in-person course work.


Courtney Poulos, a Realtor with the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage-affiliated Reishman Group in Dupont Circle, was the only local Realtor who had been certified by the NAR as a green designee by mid-March, according to NAR’s Green Resource Council.

Poulos, 31, had already become an EcoBroker in 2007 but says she wanted to learn even more about green residential properties. The NAR’s program taught her more about topics including “green communities, smart growth and design, public awareness and utilities, water consumption, efficiency, vendors and energy audits,” says Poulos.

“There are two reasons to go green in this market,” Poulos says. “One is to save money on your utility bills.” Small tweaks such as insulating a water heater or adding extra insulation to leaky walls can help homeowners save $40 or $50 per month, Poulos says.

The second reason to make a home more energy-efficient is simply to improve its desirability on the market down the road.“Buyers want to save money [on utilities], too,” Poulos says, noting that Montgomery County recently passed a disclosure law that requires the sellers of owner-occupied homes to provide utility bills as part of their disclosure package to potential buyers. “If that’s not proof of awareness of utility costs and energy in the real estate market, I can’t imagine what is”.

Anyone with brains isn’t going to throw money away needlessly and a well insulated house is more comfortable to live in. Energy efficient boilers can make sense, over a long enough ownership, as do windows, wall insulation etc., all with the same caveat: if you stay there long enough to recoup the expense. None of this is cheap.

But this whole “Green Certification” program is a bunch of hooey dreamed up by the National Association of Realtors to add another look -good, meaningless “certification” after an agent’s name. Eighteen hours of on-line training? Wow, an expert!

My personal opinion is that an agent unwilling to keep abreast of new building techniques, including energy saving ones, without the help of an on-line course and without the lure of a silly new certification is probably not qualified to sell real estate to begin with. We’re supposed to be providing value for the money we receive. Blissful ignorance isn’t value.

Buyers have not and are not paying more for eco-friendly houses (they probably do in Seattle and Berkley, but those are in a different country). That fact drives eco-nuts crazy and explains why they keep enacting ever more onerous laws on builders. If something makes economic sense, people will respond. If it doesn’t, they won’t. Example? The compact fluorescent bulbs discussed earlier today. The Greens insisted that they save money so consumers should be forced to pay $15 each for them. Instead of being grateful, the rest of the country is discovering what those of us wh tried them before already knew: they give out lousy light, take forever to warm up, don’t last anywhere close to their advertised life and spew toxic dust when they break. So much for other people deciding what’s best for you. And so much for “Green Certification”. We don’ need no stinkin’ badges!

UPDATE: As mentioned previously, this stuff is no more valuable in Tucson than it is here.


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If you can’t nationalize it (yet), tax it out of existence!

No, not the middle class American – his turn is coming – but oil companies. It’s all in the name of global warming, of course. It’s astonishing that these people are dismantling our entire economic system in plain view and the “people” are cheering them on.


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