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First it was hot coffee, now machetes!

Proper thinking Englishmen outraged that 15-year-old boy purchased a machete over the Internet. Good Lord. By the time I was ten I was busy cutting down trees in our backyard with an axe, and I’m quite sure I brought a machete home from Puerto Rico when I was twelve. My misadventures thereafter had nothing to do with being exposed to sharp blades as a lad and I suspect England could survive this onslaught too. Or it could have a generation ago.


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If it saves the life of just one child

From comes this story of pensioners barred from drinking hot coffee at their library lest it spill and scald a toddler.

Sam Romeo was unavailable for comment.

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Bourke defense rests

He didn’t take the stand, which is standard advice from defense lawyers, but always a disappointment to jurors. It’s been hard to find much coverage of this trial, what with more important matters like Michael Jackson’s fatal drug overdose, but from I could glean, I don’t see that the prosecution had much to begin with and didn’t develop much as the trial progressed. Closing arguments next week, then the verdict, so I guess we’ll see.


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Dealbreaker reports Mark Madoff sighting

One of the two worthless sons was seen acting like an arrogant asshole in Nantucket this week. I wonder where he learned that behavior? More important, why does he still have the use of stolen money to spend on Nantucket and when will he joining his dad in Otisville for a manners course?


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So what’s the story with 58 Dawn Harbor?

A number of readers are curious how this came to be sold and so am I. It showed up today on the MLS marked “for reporting purposes only” meaning it was never really listed but the firm wants the credit for the transaction, and the “asking price” is shown as $14.5 million with a $12.8 million sales price. The former is just nonsense, of course, but was $12.8 a good price?

Without knowing more than the bare recital of the sales announcement, I’d say it was. Two good agents, even if they work for the same firm, each representing his and her client’s interest, should have produced a satisfactory deal.  In better times ‘d have expected to see this house sell for more but these are not better times.

Still, I’m surprised at the relatively low price this went for. 88 Cedar Cliff, right around the corner with beautiful water views but n0 frontage, sold direct for $11.750 to someone who proceeded to tear it down. Pilot Rock, waterfront with a view of 58 Dawn Harbor, sold for $10 million something six months ago and that house, too, is probably not long for this world. In that same association, the Mackey’s place, a pre-fab, is asking $12 and change for what is essentially waterfront land, period. It’s entirely possible this sale was made to a friend or neighbor or the seller simply didn’t want to complicate his life opening it to strangers. He might have gotten more if he had but he’s pocketed his money and moved on, which is never a bad result.

To answer one reader’s concern, fret not – I’m sure the agents managed to get paid their commissions. It’s touching that you worried, though.


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Uh oh

I wondered about this. 272 Riverside Avenue, new construction, was bought in January 2008 for $3.850 million and put back on the market this past February for $3.875. I sold two similar houses just a few doors away in 2007 for $3.8 each and I was curious to see what the market did to this one’s price. We still don’t know because it hasn’t sold but today it was marked down to $3.695.

It could be worse: the builder tried for the longest time to get $4.5 million for this place but fortunately, no one bit.


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First half activity, by district

Single Family Homes. Active as per 6/3009, sales 1/01/09 – 6/30/09

GR: 505 active, 61 sold, $445,000 – $16.500 million

CC: 71 Active, 29 sold, $525,000 – $3.8 million

RV: 91 Active, 21 sold, $722,500 – $12.8 million

OG: 92 Active, 18 sold, $570,000 – $2.2 million


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