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Can Michelle Obama force you to eat your broccoli?

Probably so, under ObamaCare.


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Tony Volpe, R.I.P.

I previously posted what I thought was a humorous piece on the death of a mobster, Anthony Volpe, and got back several furious emails from his children.In addition, I received a phone call from his son, who was very upset with what I’d said. I’m not a monster, despite what his children think, so I’ve removed the post. Anthony Volpe is dead and gone, and his sins are between him and his God. His children remain here on earth, and I apologize to them for hurting them in their time of grief. And no, this apology has nothing to do with threats of violence but rather, just an act of humanity and sympathy at Christmas time.


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Nice job, John Robben

John’s a great photographer, but he tossed his camera aside to pluck a kid out of a creek at Innis Arden.

UPDATE: I really like this quote from the GPD, because Lt. Gray (by the way, what happened to my old classmate, GHS ’71, Lt. Daniel Allen?) gets what’s fun about sledding and other risky activities:

Lt. Kraig Gray, spokesman for the police department, said police were not aware of the incident, but urged residents to use caution when sledding.

“Part of what makes sledding fun is the element of danger,” Gray said “But it can be a hazardous activity, especially for young ones when they are not monitored closely.”


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Greenwich twins don’t know when to quit

Take the money and run, guys

Keep on keeping on. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss settled with Facebook for $65 million, but now they want more. Yeah, you were probably screwed, but how much do you need to move on and get a life?.


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A despicable old traitor

I so despise Coleman McCarthy that I refused to comment on his remark that ROTC students came from parents too poor to pay college tuition, but here’s someone who still cares.

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More on the FDNY exam

The Village Voice – The Village Voice! – has a great article on why the Fireman exam has no racial content. My (few) liberal readers won’t believe me, but surely they’ll go to the source of all knowledge and report back. The judge in question is demanding that NYC hire black folks who can neither read nor think, but are er, black. The city is resisting. I’m with the city on this one.


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And all without stimulus funds

Chinese immigrants expand from basement kitchen to 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse. That should produce more jobs than Obama’s $700 billion did.


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