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Well okay, sometimes crime does pay


Poor little guy is homeless!

Poor little guy is homeless!

Madoff trustee starts “hardship fund” for victims. Walter and Monica first to apply, Catharine Hooper follows.


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So what’s selling?

Not a heck of a lot, just to bring you unexpected news. We’ve seen 29 single family houses go to contract this year: 11 in January, 15 in February and 3 so far this month. Prices? Not so hot, either. There’s the $7.95 Jordan Saper spec house on Perkins, under contract but selling price not yet known, a $6 million sale on 48 Parsonage, today’s $5 million on Bobolink and after that, it’s a pretty quick trip to the low 2s and under 1s, with a brief dalliance in the 3s. None of which is good news for the high end spec house sellers.

Who’s left to buy these houses? It’s cruel to suggest it, but criminals always have money in good times or bad, and usually have the execrable taste to appreciate the excess these houses exude. Consider Long Island. Will the Round Hill Club, fresh from the embarrassment of having members like Walter and Monica Noel exposed in the press, have to make room for new members with less taste but more money? I hope so – it would so much safer, way out there on the 16th hole, if armed, members’ bodyguards were wandering the greens. Especially if those horrible gangs from Wilbur Peck make their way up north!


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Feds look to freeze Ruth Madoff’s assets

Ruthie has agreed to a voluntary freeze but that’s not the same thing. According to the NY Post, the feds are building a criminal case against the $65 million cookbook authoress and want to make sure the money’s still around when they prevail. Walt and Monica’s drink parasols are, so far, safe from such thuggery. Skoal!


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Bernie, just plead guilty! (take that, Hiram!)

10:14 – Bernie Madoff plead pleaded guilty just now.No surprise there, of course, but does he go back to his penthouse or go straight to jail? I’m guessing jail, which should be the last of that nice tan we saw him with on Tuesday, but I’ve guessed wrong on this case before. Walt and Monica, taking no chances, are rumored to be heading to Mustique at this very instant, hoping to develop their own tans deep enough to survive a few years under artificial light.


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Where’s Walto?

Hanging out in Palm Beach, according to my source down there, who called today with a Walt and Monica sighting. 

Just in case you were wondering.


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Even from the darkest cloud, a little sunshine peeks

Thanks to a reader’s tip, we learn that Walt and Monica are back in Mustique! The kids had to stay home, poor dears, no doubt busy with preparing the New York/Greenwich real estate portfolio for sale. But we’ll all sleep better tonight, I’m sure, knowing that thanks to the judge refusing to freeze Noel’s assets, the old guy can still jet down to the islands for a little R&R. He’s had a tough couple of months and deserves a break.


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Tucker’s Horse Farm – going once …

(A little) more on the pending sale of Fairfield Greenwich Group co-partner Jeff Tucker’s sale of his Saratoga horse farm, this time from an Albany newspaper. (Amusing that the New York Post should beat a local paper to the story, eh?). When the Madoff scam first exploded in December Tucker allowed as he’d have to sell off his horses but now the landunderneath them is going too. Of course, what good’s a horse farm without horses?, so this makes sense.

One clarification: “It is absolutely not true,” Tucker told the Albany Times Union, “that any of Walt and Monica’s daughters are part of this sale. Or at least, that’s not anticipated at this time.”

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