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I don’t know the story on this one

19 Stanwich Lane

This property came on in February at $1.675, could only be shown between 3-5 PM  Mon-Thur and 10-12 Sat., and has now been sold direct for $2.020 million. “Court ordered sale”, the listing says, somewhat cryptically. I assume it was a divorce, but there are other reasons a court can order a sale.


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Obummer goes political on disaster relief

While our president wasted no time declaring a disaster emergency for the states struck by tornadoes, he’s sat on Texas’s own request for such aid for two weeks and will not comment. Why? Politics – he doesn’t like Texas Governor Rick Perry.

There’s plenty of room for politics in our national debates but, until Obama, not in disaster relief.


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An impressive in-town sale

11 Glen Court

11 Glen Court (that small dead end across from the hospital, asking $4.295, has gone to contract. It’s an exceptional house, with beautiful finishes, has a great location, 0.6 acres in an R-12 zone, nice back yard with swimming pool, and all that. So I’m not surprised it’s found a buyer. It took a year, but we’ve had a bad market so that, too isn’t surprising. As an aside, this one is just around the corner from the Perry Ridge spec house which also tried to get this price. Night and day.


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Raj jury knocks off early for the weekend

Tough to read the delay in reaching a verdict. Presumably, the defense has given them a lot to think about, but what?

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Some people must just like showing off their house

357 Stanwich, an antique farmhouse on the corner of Stanwich and Cognewaugh, has finally sold, for $1.5 million. It has been on the market since 2008, starting at $2.850 million and gradually working through three brokers and a slew of price changes until its final ask of $1.595. Nothing wrong with this house except its price but that was obviously way wrong. I can only speculate, but I’ll bet the sellers would have come out far better than they did had they priced the place more reasonably in the first place. At worst, they could have sold and moved on long ago.

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Bob Horton has a point

Bob comments in today’s Greenwich Time that Greenwich seems determined to keep “outsiders” out of our precious town, and wonders why.

But, while I agree with his sentiments, I think I’m still going to go ahead and buy a ticket to the Greenwich Town Party on May 28th – the musicians coming in: Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Toots and the Maytals, Little Feat, Buddy Guy and the Temptations, are all people I’d really, really like to hear. The schedule shows almost non-stop music from 2 -10 PM. $40 seems like a bargain. Still, why can’t we share the experience, at least with town employees? Crazy.


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Holding its own

71 Glenville Rd

Sold for $1.9 million in 2003, sold again yesterday for $2.1. This is a nice house on 2.5 acres of beautiful. private yard and is well removed from the noise of Glenville Road, but I’ve never been quite sure what to do with it because there’s no neighborhood around it. But obviously, there are buyers willing to ignore that if the price is right.

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