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Waist size 63 is the new 32



Peter Brant relaxes in his art museum

WSJ: Unemployed men snacking more, getting fatter.


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Coming soon to a Stamford tower near you?

Buyers sue Newport luxury condominium project for refunds.


Carnegie Tower

By Christine Dunn

Journal Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE –– Three new lawsuits seek the return of deposits for luxury condominiums at the 22-story tower which opened in June at the exclusive Carnegie Abbey resort and golf club in Portsmouth.

The plaintiffs include Dr. James Yashar of Florida, a physician who formerly lived in Providence’s East Side; Richard J. and Jody E. Martin of South Salem, N.Y.; and John R. Ranelli and G. Ashley Davis-Ranelli of Niantic, Conn.

All three complaints claim the right to refund because the developer issued a “Supplement to a Public Offering Statement” on July 15, 2009.

The complaints state that under Rhode Island law, the buyers “have the absolute right to cancel” their purchase agreements within 10 days of receipt of an amended statement; and that all the plaintiffs exercised their rights to cancel on July 21.

“We’re not going to be able to comment … on the advice of legal counsel,” said Edward T. Lopes, Jr., senior vice president of development for O’Neill Properties Group. Lopes guided the tower construction, which cost in excess of $80 million.

A similar lawsuit brought earlier this year by noted Democratic Party fundraiser Mark S. Weiner and his wife, L. Susan Weiner, of East Greenwich, appears to have been settled out of court. The Weiners had sued for the return of their $219,300 deposit.

To date, only one of the 79 condos at the Carnegie Tower has been sold; unit 805 closed on Sept. 2 for $1.6 million.

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Google adds more real estate information to its maps

I haven’t tried it yet but according to Information Week, it is supposed to bring a little more competition to and the like. That sounds good. Zillow has been getting better and better, but competition should speed up that improvement.


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Ford employees commit economic suicide

Reject wage concessions, leaving Ford to try to compete with government-owned competitors paying lower wages. All I can figure is that these bozos hope Ford will fail so that they, too can become government employees. I’m really not going to feel sorry for them when they go down.


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Sign thief is cooling his heels in the new police holding cell


Field Club member waits for squash partner

No word on identity (any interested reader can call down and find out – it’s a public record) but word is the cops nabbed someone last night at the Lake Avenue circle. He was stealing signs of both political parties, apparently fueled by a desire to beautify his neighborhood and, possibly, a few too many scotches. He couldn’t post bail, which is why he is being held until Monday, and his lack of ready cash makes me wonder if he’s not a Round Hill Road resident. Ric? Walt? You guys still at home?


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Just what poor India needs: a growing communist insurgency

Tough enough to try raising a billion people from poverty, now India has to fight off bombers and madmen. It’s always something.

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In the WSJ: an appreciation of White & Strunk’s “The Elements of Style”

It’s been in print fifty years and still going strong. I loved it, tried hard to use its advice and have given copies of “the little book” to my own children. Come to think of it, I’m going to order more copies from Amazon and give them to them again. It’s obvious I’m no E.B. White, but this short, simple book improved my writing when I first encountered it in high school and has (usually) kept me from committing long, flowery sentences. If your own kids don’t have a copy, I’d recommend it to anyone over 12. I also recommend it to anyone in business who’d like to write clearly and concisely. Don’t blame the book for my own failures in that regard – just imagine how bad I’d be had I never read it.


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