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Hawaii – the Jamaica of the Pacific

Hawaiians assault whites with impunity, while Democrats push to increase discrimination through passage of the Hawaiian Native Rights bill which will create a separate government, exempt from the Constitution, in our fiftieth state.  This is all the dream of those teachers of my kids who debunked the idea of America was a melting pot and was, instead, a boiling cauldron of sdistinct races, ethnicities and cultures, all with grievances against the white man.

You’d be an idiot to visit Jamaica and leave the guarded confines of your hotel (alright, you’d be an idiot to visit Jamaica, period). St. Croix is no place for a white man. And now Hawaii holds no welcome for all non-native tourists or residents, be they white, Asian or black. This is considered progress.


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When will Obama take over running the government?

So far, he’s done nothing in nine months but wring his hands and blame that Ol’ Debbil Bush. Yes, he increased the deficit from $400 billion to $4 trillion, but Bush made him do it! Sure, Afghanistan is a deteriorating mess, but it’s all Bush’s fault! The Messiah may be able to coast for a few more months on the residual antipathy towards Bush but soon he’s going to have everyone except his nut jobs on the extreme left wondering what exactly he’s doing in office. And it’s already happening. Even the Philadelphia Enquirer, as liberal a paper as you’ll find this side of the New York Times, looks at Obama’s record of non-feasance and advices him to “Get a Grip”.


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What? There’s still a profitable industry in the country? Tax it!

Democrats and AFL-CIO eye taxing Wall Street trade transactions. They won’t rest until they control everything. Did you notice the TeddyKare supporter in the picture below? Her government approved and issued sign says “Thank You”. The goal is to make us all entirely dependent on the whim and good will of politicians and their favorites, like labor unions, and to feel gratitude when they bestow a benefit on us. This is appalling. And scary, because I think they’re winning.


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Hot time at the Himes Town Hall meeting tonight

Himes is speaking at Town Hall right now (6:45) and being broadcast by WGCH – who knew that station was still in business? – I couldn’t get in because, when I arrived at 6, I was told by a very polite policeman that seating/standing capacity was 200 and it was already filled. Turns out the Dems sent out emails urging TeddyKare supporters to show up at 4:30 and take all the seats. Those of us with jobs – non Democrats, in other words, were to be shut out. I’m told by someone listening to the broadcast that, judging from the noise, the Dems missed some seats but what the heck, should be fun.

Update: They let in a reporter from Greenwich Time. Maybe I should have tried to crash the party as a blogging reporter?

Long way from home

Long way from home









himes 003

No room at the inn
No room at the inn

himes 002


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Even in the dead of summer, Riverside waterfront sells

21 Willowmere Circle, a spectacular piece of land (0.89 acre), direct waterfront when the tide’s in, dock, pool and a great neighborhood, came on May 29th at $7.450, quickly dropped to $6.850 and is reported under contract today. Given the relatively short time that’s expired, I’d guess that the agreed upon price is well into the $6s. I’d thought this would go in the 5s because, to my eye, someone would want to tear the existing house down and build new. I don’t know the plans of the buyer but obviously the dated condition of the house didn’t deter him. Ann Simpson listing, and good for her.


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By George he’s got it – I think he’s got it!

My brother Anthony’s been thinking – he’s good at that – and proposes the following real estate enhancer:

They make up new neighborhoods in Manhattan all the time: Soho, Hoho, TriBeCa, Nolita, Hudson Heights are all inventions of the past thirty or so years) so why not for this area? After consulting a map of the area I humbly suggest “West Harbour;” “harbour ” spelled the British way in order to give it extra, extra class.

You take that, add NoPo for the north of Post Road area, “North Mianus” for Cat Rock Road East (Fudrucker points out that plain old “Mianus” would be open for misinterpretation) and we’re on our way to an entire revaluation of real estate in our less desireable neighborhoods. Probably too late to do anything for Chickahomany and byram, but this blog is open to suggestions.


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Well finally, some good news about global warming!

Man eating, ferocious polar bears getting smaller and more cuddly. Will this work on Musslemen terrorists, I wonder?

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