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Guatemala, meet China!

Giant sinkhole eats entire building in Guatemala City. Wow.


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The new mortgage modification plan

Just stop paying. More and more homeowners are doing just that, and enjoying themselves during the ensuing years it takes for banks to foreclose. You probably have at least two years now, and foreclosures are getting even slower. It’ll probably be four years before too long and if you have a hefty mortgage, that’s a whole lot of cash to put to better use.


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Oops! Soaring health costs hit Canada

Too bad they soon won’t have the option of crossing the border and taking advantage of our medical system


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Old Greenwich Memorial Day Parade manages without Blumenthal

He was a no-show, although I don’t think anyone in our town would have desecrated the memory of the dead by booing a live politician; plenty of opportunity for that on other days.

But on that subject, was it appropriate for one marcher to solicit support for the rebuilding of the Old Greenwich Civic Center? It’s a worthwhile cause, but I think it dilutes the point of the ceremony, no? I don’t know – as far back as I remember, people have raised money for the Fourth of July fireworks by marching along with the paraders, and I never thought that wrong, but I guess I’m more sensitive now, in this time of war. I don’t question the person’s good intentions and I wouldn’t say that she demeaned the dead, but I’d hate to see the parade degenerate into a long grey line of fund-raisers.


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UN: Iran now has enough high-grade uranium for two nuclear missiles

(To the wringing of hands) “Oh, what will we do? What will we do? Nothing. Until it’s too late.

The toughly worded report said Iran has expanded work at one of its nuclear sites. It also described, step-by-step, how inspectors have been denied access to a series of facilities, and how Iran has refused to answer inspectors’ questions on a variety of activities, including what the agency called the “possible existence” of “activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile.”

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The Birds!

Osprey injures ten on Staten Island.

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I do love free enterprise

BP oil spill generates penny stock scams. These guys are quick. Tomorrow: Nigerian emails, doubtless.

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