It may take a few years, but this can ultimately only be good for Greenwich real estate values

Back to the future

Back to the future

NYC proposes decriminalizing “minor” crimes, such as urinating in the street, and drinking alcohol in public. I’m sure the squeegee bums will soon be returning to the intersections.

I really don’t understand New York’s city counsel – don’t they want to protect the residents, especially the poorer ones? Folks in the projects are subjected to the worst crime, the most deplorable conditions in the city, yet their representatives insist on encouraging the worsening of lawlessness in those areas. Bizarre.

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This is pretty goddamn nice of them

Everyone in the Youngman's pool!

Everyone in the Youngman’s pool!

Byram Park pool closed for summer. Junior League members to open their private pools to residents.

Or at least, I assume they will.


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It was inevitable



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Reagan gradually forgot what he once knew – today’s college students don’t know anything to forget

Students don’t recognize Reagan. Exactly how far back in history do their high school and college classes reach? On the brighter side, I’ll bet most of these kids were among the 17 million Americans who tuned in Friday night to watch Bruce Jenner explain why he’s feeling girlish.


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Brits narrowly foil terrorist plot

Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon

Airport officials seize plastic gun capable of firing sponge balls from 4-year-old.

Defending the decision a spokeswoman said: ‘The safety and security of our passengers is our first priority and all regulations on security are set by the government.

‘This regulation states that no items may be permitted through security that resemble a prohibited item.’


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Still not ready for prime time

See you in L.A.

See you in L.A.

Tesla makes it across the US using the Tesla “Supercharge Network.”

That’s nice, but I don’t think many drivers would want to endure such a trip, as these drivers did, without tunes, heat or a/c, or risking death by traveling  one-foot behind an SUV.  The whole escapade reminds me of Dr. Johnson’s observation back in 1776: “A woman preaching, sir, is like a dog walking on its hind legs. It’s not that it’s done well; the surprising thing is that it’s done at all.”

And because Supercharger stations are harder to come by than gas stations [understatement of the century – ED], and take longer to use than gas station fill-ups [penultimate understatement of the century – ED], planning the voyage took careful planning.

For one, Reese’s team never charged the Tesla with more juice than they would actually need for the next leg of the journey. Tesla’s current software includes a navigation system that calculates the range needed to reach your destination, so they relied on that to tell them how long to charge up.

Co-driver Hawk said they sometimes rolled in to a Supercharger station with between three and eight percent battery power remaining. Minimizing charge time also meant using no A/C, no heat, no radio, keeping weight to a minimum, and drafting behind the Suburban whenever they could to reduce air resistance.

As an aside, Tesla takes in $35,000 pure profit per car by selling zero emission credits to other car makers. So as the rich pay $100,000 for their toys, the little people pay to subsidize them, and pay more for their own cars because,of course, the purchase of these credits raises the price of everything else.


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Now that marijuana’s been legalized in CT, the Republicans have joined their friends across the aisle in enjoying a little toke

WE've beamed you up, Scottie - welcome!

We’ve beamed you up, Scottie – welcome to Starship Spendthrift!

How else to explain their “Blueprint for Prosperity” alternative budget proposal?

At least in the highlights, it’s mostly about undoing cuts proposed by Malloy, which would seem to increase spending, and instituting a wage freeze for some state employees and “studying” future cuts. If there’s more in the full document, I apologize, but the summary they provide offers no reason to read further.

Here’s a typical example of what they see as a step on the road to prosperity:

Honoring our Veterans

  •   Restores funds for Veterans’ funeral Honor Guard
  •   Restores funds to the Horse Guard

The state’s full of morons, and the dullest of the bunch run our government.


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