Okay, it’s a deal: forget Cruz, my heart now belongs to Donald

40% of federal employees promise to quit if Trump is elected. (LA came up with this great news, but I’d missed until just now).


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Maybe it’s their bad behavior that’s disproportionate?



According to Greenwich Time, colored kids (the paper calls them “kids of color”, which is, of course, the same thing, just perceived, for some reason, as non-offensive, though in the other order it is – go figure) at Greenwich High are disciplined at a rate disproportionate to the overall student population. 

The number of students in Greenwich schools who are suspended or expelled has dropped sharply in recent years. But minority and special-education students are disciplined at a much higher rate than white and non-special-education students, according to a new district report.

The disparity remains a persistent problem that raises questions about bias and whether the school system has adequate support programs available to at-risk students.

“For some teachers there might be explicit biases, but for others, it could be a lack of cultural awareness or responsiveness that lead to these blind spots in how we perceive students’ behavior,” said Tamika La Salle, an assistant professor in the school psychology program at the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education. “If a student talks out of turn, in some cultures that could be them showing their enthusiasm, so there could be a cultural or generational mismatch.”

I’m sorry to hear that special ed students are so disruptive, although that’s hardly unexpected, and it might be time to reevaluate mainstreaming children who detract from other children learning; to see normal students’ bad behavior explained as “cultural” says more about the crazy bizarro world we live in than it does about teacher bias.

Discipline by the numbers

Minority students and students who receive special education services account for a disproportionate percentage of those who are suspended or expelled, 2014-15


Student group


% school district enrollment


% student incidents leading to suspension or expulsion

Receiving special education 10% 45%
English language learner 6% 11%
Asian 8% 3%
Black 3% 14%
Hispanic 20% 38%
White 65% 42%
Two or more races 4% 3%

Source: Greenwich Public Schools


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He sure does scare them

snow white and the seven dwarves

All this attention, just for ME?

Republicans limited Trump supporters to 20 seats at last night’s debate

My hopes still lie with Cruz, but clearly the Donald’s kicking butt here. I did like his promise to “bring back waterboarding, and much worse” – the man keeps thing simple.


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Hillary ruins the hopes of young girls everywhere


But I wanna be judged as a PERSON when I grow up!


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Does this mean that, 75-years after it was imposed as a “wartime emergency measure”, they’ll finally end NYC rent control?


But I LIKE my view! I DESERVE it!

Politicians profess outrage at wealthy people living in subsidized apartments.


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What’s the difference between a German liberal and a U.S. Democrat in Washington?


The Obama girls study with their friends

Nothing at all, when it comes to choosing what’s best for their own child.

Germans fleeing “diverse” schools.

How many politicians send their children to public school? Not many (and none in the District of Columbia, where 83% of all black students test out as illiterate – that’s with spending of $29,000 per pupil).

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Clinton to young Sanders supporters: “You want old? I’ll GIVE your old -I’ll see your hero’s 74 and raise it five”


Who am I? Why am I here?

Hillary Clinton drags poor old Madeleine Albright from her nursing home to scold girls that “there’s a special place in hell reserved for young ladies who don’t support Democrat vaginas”.

A couple of aged twats toddling around the snows of New Hampshire, claiming the loyalty of kids their grandchildren’s age not because of anything they’ve accomplished, but because of what Madeleine, at least, lacks.



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