If this were to spread here, half the high school girls in America would be busted



France proposes to make it illegal to “dress like a prostitute”


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Are you as tired of these people as I am?

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 11.25.43 AMAnd by “these people”, I don’t mean blacks, I mean idiots who see their victimhood in every facet of life.

Indiana state representative claims her colleague’s 18-month-old son is a racist because he turned his head away and cried when introduced to her. Presumably, an infant who’s been raised in a politically correct household would have learned to overcome its natural tendency to be shy with strangers and welcome black adults with a happy coo and a gurgle.

Rep. Vanessa Summers was debating the Religious Freedom Restoration Act on Monday when she speculated that Republican Rep. Jud McMillin’s young son is a fledgling racist.

“I have told Representative McMillin I love his little son, but he’s scared of me because of my color,” Summers speculated. “And that’s horrible.”

“It’s true,” Summers said in response to groans from the legislative body.

“And that’s something we’re going to work on. We’ve talked about it. And we’re going to work on it.”

“I asked him ‘please, introduce your child to some people of color so that he won’t live his life as a prejudiced person.’”

McMillin responded to the attack, telling the Indianapolis Star that the incident was “unfortunate.”

“You’d like to think that we would have professional discussion on the House floor and certainly be able to avoid having 18-month-olds in the discussion,” McMillin said.

“I can tell you that if he reacted the same way he reacts with anybody brand new, he buries his head in his dad’s shoulder. Whoever it is, it’s what he does. He’s an 18-month-old kid; he’s in a new environment up here in the place like the Statehouse but doesn’t know anybody. I honestly don’t remember anything out of the ordinary.”

After Monday’s session, Summers stood by her comments recalling her first meeting with McMillin’s son.

“He looked at me like I was a monster and turned around and cried,” she told the Star. “And I told him you need to introduce your child to some people that are dark-skinned so he will not be scared.”

If you’re having a dull day, you can watch the video of the incident here. Summers is attempting to debate McMillin’s freedom of religion bill and, after losing every point, badly, she turns on his infant and claims racism. Pathetic.




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Running out of Westchester cougars?

A reader sends along this ad from J House:

(Interesting, I just notice that they claim to be in Greenwich, not Riverside – Bridge & Tunnel people have obviously never heard of Riverside)

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.45.43 AM


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Well of course they are; thinking is a solitary pursuit

For this we needed a study?

For this we needed a study?

Scientists: Pandas are more sociable than thought.

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This should make for an entertaining evening next time he hosts another fund raiser for Obama

True colors

True colors

Harvey Weinstein urges Jews to “lick anti-Semites in the ass” (or something like that).

While Harvey blathers, his favorite president is on the cusp of giving in to Iran, letting it continue its nuclear program in deep, bomb-proof bunkers, off-limits to inspectors.

“Sure, they’ve vowed to wipe Israel off the map with their nukes”, Mr. Obama acknowledged to FWIW, “but you know they don’t mean that, anymore than they really mean ‘death to America’, when they chant it at their rallies. And if I’m wrong, and they do put an end to Israel and its oppression of Palestinians, what’s so bad about that?”


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Democrats propose to triple car tax on Greenwich residents and take it up to Hartford, where it will be “more equitably” distributed

Sen.Martin Looney. "Don't worry, we'll take good care of your money while its here"

Sen.Martin Looney. “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of your money while it’s here”

Why should Greenwich residents be allowed to keep any of their money?

The proposal would set a uniform rate for car taxes and make fundamental changes in how those taxes are distributed among towns and cities.

In Greenwich, car owners are charged $10.9 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, so a vehicle assessed at $30,000 would yield a tax bill of roughly $300.

The legislation, proposed by Senate President Pro Tem Martin Looney, D-New Haven, would establish a 29 mill rate statewide for automobile taxes, exempt the first $3,000 in assessed value from taxation and allow the state to collect the taxes and distribute more revenue to poorer communities.

Under the new bill, the tax charged for the car cited above would be roughly $780.

Looney’s bill seeks to make the car tax more equitable. Under the proposal, the state would collect and distribute car tax revenue and give the state’s 169 towns and cities funding levels equal to what they received in 2014. [Which amounts to practically nothing, in Greenwich, so the state will triple our car tax and take it all, leaving a shortfall in our budget that can only be made up by increasing real estate taxes – ED]

As the pool of car tax revenue increased over time, additional funds would be distributed based on population, the level of tax-exempt property and poverty rates. [Note this reference to car revenues “increasing over time” – sounds like they’ll take the money and hold onto it, no doubt like they do with gasoline taxes, and decide when, and how much, they release over time. I mention the gasoline tax because, although it’s supposed to be spent exclusively on roads, it in fact is dumped into the general coffers and spent any way the Democrats like, which is why the number of state workers has doubled, and our roads are ruined – ED]

The bill would also send more PILOT money to the 10 communities with the most tax-exempt property and would direct the state’s nine regional government councils to collect 40 percent of a region’s commercial and industrial taxes and redistribute the money based on each town’s ability to raise revenue.

Looney said the measures are necessary to create fairness and a level playing field.

“For some time now a discussion has been building to move the state in the direction of greater regionalization,” Looney recently told the Legislature’s Planning and Development Committee. 

“Senate Bill 1 will provide meaningful incentives for towns to cooperate on economic development initiatives, while removing artificial barriers to shared planning and growth,” Looney said.

Once these people exhaust their new source of revenue, and they will, and cast their covetous eyes about the state, searching for yet another source, do you have any doubt that they will alight on the low real estate taxes of towns like Greenwich? They’ll triple too, is my guess, within the next decade. I intend to be out of state by then, taking the proceeds of my sold properties with me.



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And a pending sale in Cos Cob

7 Mill Pond Court

7 Mill Pond Court

7 Mill Pond Court, asking $1.060 million. It’s tiny: 1,484 sq.feet, but cute. The master bedroom on the second floor shares a bathroom with the other bedroom up there, while the ground floor boasts a “small” bedroom, with its own bath. In Realtorese, a “small” bedroom usually means a closet and a cot, but I didn’t see this one, so perhaps it’s larger than that. Small and cramped enough, though, and it will keep the in-laws from overstaying their welcome.

Some of the property is in the flood some, some is not – looks as though the house itself, if not the garage, sits high. Of course, good luck getting out of the house when the flood waters rise, but that’s what a good book is for: whiling away the time while the waters recede.

Worked for Noah.


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