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I suppose the real students will find this disappointing

School opening delayed until next Wednesday. I was one of those who didn’t enjoy school until college and, later, law school, so this would have been the kind of news that I’d have rejoiced at, but I’m sure some bright kids are sorry. Oh well.


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Get back to work, Brendan Loy!

My favorite weather nerd has retreated to his usual blog now that Irene’s past us, but damn it, I want his insight on Katia!

UPDATE: Sometimes Brendan just needs a little nudge.


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Here’s a relief

Our power came back on last night at 9, just in time to learn that the Yankees had defeated the Red Sox, and I worried that I’d unwittingly made a pact with the Devil, when I would gladly have suffered another day, were that the price. But apparently it was mere coincidence, because the Bronx Bombs lost tonight 9-5. Whew!

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Pathetic and delusional

Bernie Madoff accuses Steve Cohen of being corrupt. I have two friends who at different times, worked for SAC. Not only did they never mention any wrong doing at SAC, they’re both absolute straight shooters who would never, ever engage in or tolerate bad acts. They both thoroughly loathe Cohen as a person and a boss, so I’m pretty sure they’d be happy to dish out the dirt if it were there. But Bernie Madoff complaining about someone else’s business ethics? Priceless.


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Bad news for Raj

Craig Drimel

A relative small fry gets 5 1/2 years in prison for his  role in the Galleon Group insider trading scheme.  Looks like Raj will get the full 25 years the government’s asking for. That’s a sentence that, at 25, might, maybe, be bearable, but speaking as someone roughly Raj’s age, you’re looking at losing what’s left of the good part of life.

Several us were discussing this over the weekend – why would a billionaire risk all this just to maybe add a couple of million to his wealth? Conclusion: ego and the desire to win. Even dumber, as the feds drew close, why didn’t he flee to his native Sri Lanka, where they worship him and would never extradite him? We couldn’t figure that one out.


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Encouraging news on Katia

But you never know, so don’t return that generator just yet.


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I sympathize

Venus Williams has to withdraw from U.S. Open after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I have such a problem myself – it sucks when your own body turns against you. And besides, I admire the Williams sisters – they grew up rough and overcame tremendous odds to achieve their success.


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