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Mustique’s Colin Tennant has died at 83

Pulled Up in Old Greenwich sends along this obituary on Walter Noels’s neighbor. They didn’t get along.


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Forecast: wet, but no hurricane

Brendan Loy, young lawyer and father, has started “Sullivan’s Travels” in honor of the late Alan Sullivan. He’s a hurricane follower like me, and now reports that Earl is forecast to make a sharp swing right, out to sea. So maybe you can have that outdoor picnic on Monday after all.


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As the father of two college grads, I find this disturbing

One of four lap dancers has a college degree. Kat and Sarah are currently in northern California, picking fruit, but I’m hopeful that’s temporary.


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Rumson NJ

Peg from Minnesota sent me this link from the NY Post. I built paddle tennis courts in Rumson with Chip Mathewson, many. many years ago, and remember it as a wonderful seaside town. If it’s in trouble now, the real estate market must really suck.

In this economy, it’s not uncommon for whole neighborhoods to be on the market. But Rumson, NJ, a leafy bedroom community of 7,200 residents, nonetheless stands out: It has 100 homes for sale — all for more than $1 million.

“The streets are filled with distracting ‘for sale’ signs,” says one resident. “Lots of husbands are hanging out at the bagel deli. They used to be working and now are picking up bagels. There’s a new class of Americans in Rumson: the formerly rich.”

The glut of luxury homes has lent a surreal quality to the town, and weekends find brokers sitting at open houses waiting for buyers that never come. Many of the properties have been on the market for more than a year


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Fudrucker, Republicans engage with spitballs

The Repubs and Dems have found either free or cheap  election headquarter rents in, where else, Cos Cob, directly across the street from each other. Fudrucker invites the Republicans to visit; the opposition seems disinclined. Hey guys, I share offices with Frankie, and he’s a swell person – politically deluded, but a good man nonetheless. Cross the street, shake his hand and enjoy a cup of coffee – you’ll deplete his budget.


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Riverside sales, contracts

Thanks to brother Gideon, here are some recent Riverside transactions. Knowing the history of these (Fudrucker sold 4 Druid, BTW), they’ve almost all taken a severe hit, but sell they did. The market is alive and, as Gideon points out, the right price will move a house.


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Hey – Teri Buhl’s at Forbes

Good for you girl! One day, we have to meet – maybe with Walt!


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