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Interesting perspective from Cos Cob Congressman Jim Himes

Jim Himes turns us over to the care of Officer Friendly

Jim Himes turns us over to the care of Officer Friendly

Why do leftists want assault weapons in the hands of policemen, but not by those whom the police control?

From an essay by  Joseph Farah, “When did the left fall out of love with guns?” :

Yes, the left still loves guns.  There is no other reason for the fawning acceptance of the vulgar SWAT raid tactics in which innocent men like Mr. Eurie Stamps get shot and killed.  These tactics are repeated all across America every day.

The left just doesn’t love guns in the wrong hands, and anyone who isn’t an agent of the state is the wrong hands.  Listen to Representative Jim Hines  [sic] (D – CT) tell you why high capacity magazines are still necessary in government hands.

There is absolutely no justification for weapons that were made for the explicit purpose of killing lots of people quickly to be in the hands of civilians.

Let that wash over you again.  “Killing lots of people quickly” and “civilian hands.”  The two don’t go together.

Leftists are by nature not liberals, no matter what label they have adopted.  Scratch a liberal, and find a Fascist.”


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Is Jimbo Himes a moron or a liar?

Liar, liar, pants on fire!


Both. He’s the Doublemint kid – two in one! He lies to his constituents and is dumb enough to think we’ll believe him. Here’s his latest missive:  

Dear Friends, 

Last week, The House of Representatives passed the most sweeping health care reform in a generation. This reform will improve access to quality, affordable health care for citizens of all ages. It also ensures seniors keep the benefits they currently receive, while strengthening Medicare in the short and long term. 

Much confusion has been reported over cuts to Medicare. Let me be clear: reports that this plan cuts Medicare are false. This legislation fully protects Medicare benefits and extends the solvency of the program for almost a decade by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse but never benefits. It does this by targeting subsidies to private insurance companies that are robbing the system to pad their bottom lines instead of improving benefits. 

Immediately, the plan begins closing the “donut hole” to lower seniors’ prescription drug costs. Medicare beneficiaries who hit the “donut hole” will receive a $250 rebate right away to make life-saving drugs more affordable. People inside the donut hole will also have an immediate 50% discount on brand-name drugs. The plan also requires Medicare and insurance companies to provide important preventive services like immunizations and screenings for diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis free of charge. 

The new reform law improves the quality and coordination of care for seniors so individuals don’t undergo unnecessary procedures because of poor medical records or a lack of coordination among caregivers. This reform also expands home and community-based services to keep people in their homes instead of nursing homes.

Damn generous of the sorry son of a bitch to send my kids’ money to their grandmother, but our local former Goldman Sachs associate neglects to point out that his largess is either going to be paid for by slashing Medicare payments to doctors 20% come September, or not making that cut and tacking the bill onto our deficit. If he cuts the doctors’ fees he’ll leave almost no physician left standing to tend to the old, so let’s assume he and his fellow fraudsters will be going the deficit route. 

The “budget cut” is, therefore, illusory, the burden is added onto my children, and just to rub salt in the wound, Jimbo’s tossing in a $250 bonus to pay for a Foxwoods’ slot adventure for his elderly voters. Throw these people out!


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Something nice to say about Jim Himes

Turns out that Jim Himes was in Wall Street on 9/11 and, trained in emergency medicine, rushed to the scene to help. That shows courage, a good head and real modesty because I, at least, had never heard him speak of it. Himes is quoted as saying that he was “scared, befuddled and angry” that day, as I think we all were, and I am impressed that he could keep his head about him in that situation and help. I also am relieved to learn that he was angry then and is still angry – a lot of his Democrat peers seem to have forgotten that emotion (I heard yesterday that tour bus guides now refer to 9/11 as “the Trade Center accident” – good God almighty). I place national security alongside a wish for a strong economy. In Himes case, half a loaf is better than none.


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Scott Frantz gunning for Himes

So I ran into our State Senator at Arcadia Coffee yesterday and, naturally, asked when he was going to announce for Jim Himes’ Congressional seat. What he actually said was, “oh, the timing’s not right, there’s so much work to do in Hartford”, but those with a keen ear for politicoease, like me, know that what he really meant was, “Are you kidding? I’m going after him with a red-hot set of pliers and when I’m done twisting him in all his sensitive spots, that wealthy son of privilege will be howling to be sent back to his prep school detention hall.”

Or that’s how I heard it; your interpretation may differ.


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Jim Himes speaks on ObamaTalk

Himes Disappointed with New Canaan Parents
By Teri Buhl
Congressman Himes isn’t happy with New Canaan teachers and parents enforcing a school wide decision to opt-out of Obama’s speech tomorrow. So much so that he dragged his wife and two young daughters to stand on the steps of New Canaan’s town hall and listen to him hold a press conference (with TV cameras) touting that fact he is “deeply disappointed and even frightened’ about the towns decision.
On Friday, Superintendent David Abbey sent a letter to all New Canaan parents notifying them a school wide assembly to watch the President’s speech wasn’t going to happen.
Today, Himes who arrived in jeans and a preppy pink-stripped oxford spoke with zealousness and passion.
“We should embrace a chance to let our children hear their President talk and are missing a unique teachable moment,” says Himes. In New Canaan registered Republicans out number Democrats two to one.
FOUR local cops were there to police a crowd of only 50 residents, including at least 10 elementary school kids.  Maybe officials thought Himes would come up against rowdy opposition; but unlike last week’s town halls on health care, there were no shouting constituents and very few had questions for Himes. Why would they, considering he’s not a resident and doesn’t play a role in local school decisions?
One parent who did speak out freely, Roy with a daughter at the middle school, told Himes, “Why isn’t Obama’s speech happening at night? So I can sit there and discuss it with my daughter instead of her teachers.” Roy was glad the school system chose to allow parents to opt-out of the event.
Not surprisingly Ginny Apy, chair of New Canaan Democratic Town Committee, was handing out a statement expressing frustration that New Canaan’s decision had drawn the eye of the national press.  She wrote, “We find it detrimental to be drawn into national spotlight, on this issue.”  Yesterday on Meet the Press, MSNBC’s David Gregory quoted from New Canaan’s letter to parents.
What was surprising was the fact Himes didn’t ask New Canaan’s superintendent David Abbey to attend the press conference — luckily he showed up on his own accord. To clarify any misconceptions parents might have regarding whether their kids will be required to do school work for Obama. Abbey reiterated this was a decision by the teachers and principals and not solely his or the Board of Education’s.
After Himes scooted away from the crowd Abbey told parents, “Look, all that’s going to happen in most schools is Obama will give the speech, some kids will clap, and they go back to class.” Abbey added that it concerned him that the speech has become a political event instead of a learning event.
Jim Kurcharczyk, member of New Canaan Board of Education said, “Even though I only heard from about 80 parents (there are 4,000 students in New Canaan’s school system), the majority were against forcing their kids to listen to Obama’s totalitarian views.” Kurcharczyk pointed out that this is really a special event and not a part of a regular curriculum – with special events parents are usually given the chance to opt out.
In letter sent to the media that is addressed to school superintendents and parents of Himes district, he writes, “As a Democrat, I might be charged with fighting to promote the President’s point of view. Nonsense.”  Looks like New Canaan parents thought what was non-sensical is President Obama coming through our school systems to spread his message to our kids.


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We were wrong when we accused our representatives of not knowing what was in the health bill – there is no health bill

Obama to offer details of what he wants included in ObamaCare. I wonder if Jim Himes is the only Congressman who feels hung out to dry after being sent from Washington to sell a non-existent program to his constituents?


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A first! Teri Buhl reports on the Himes Town Hall meeting

Teri Buhl, a financial journalist from lower Fairfield County has written for Trader Monthly, Housingwire, The New York Post and DealBreaker. With those credentials (plus having attended Lawrenceville Prep with Jim) she was able to break past the barriers at last night’s sold-out Himes performance and observe. Herewith, her report:

Is Himes in touch with his Greenwich voters on Health Care Reform

By Teri Buhl

Wall Street traders and their wives showed up fully charged to debate health care reform last night in Greenwich. Congressman Jim Himes(CT-4 D) held his first town hall meeting on health care and ran smack into a crowd of nay sayers to Obama’s health care plan. From my seat on the right side of the room (with the rest of the press) the majority of the crowd was against government intervention in health care. Concern over death panels, how much will it cost them, to lack of availability to see the best physicians ran rampant from residents called upon to ask questions.

Greenwich police say they opened the doors at ten till 6pm and the room was filled in less than 20 minutes, leaving constituents who showed up near the meeting’s start time of 6:30 turned away by two armed cops. Police say around 200 people gathered outside while the Himes debate was underway and began their own citizen’s debate on the issue.  The passionate crowed spoke in turn on the town hall steps railing opinions against the public option while the police kept a firm had on some who got in each other’s face- even strong arming one plain clothes man who had earlier showed a NYPD card to get in but was refused entrance.  

Inside the debate was almost as heated.

Jacqueline Walsh who attended with her husband Jerry Walsh, a Wall Street prop trader had done her homework and rattled Himes a bit when she went face to face with him questioning him about death panels. Walsh cheered and jeered throughout the event when fellow citizens detailed researched views on why the public option wouldn’t work and the crowd cheered ‘No more government, the free market can do it better’. She was much more the majority then the minority throughout the room.

When the Walsh’s were asked if Himes was going to represent their views on health care or those of their friends in Greenwich when he returned to congress they said, “Himes claims to be a free market guy, that’s how he made his money, but I don’t think he represents the majority of Greenwich’s view on this issue.” Before Himes made his run for Congress he was a Goldman Sachs banker.

Jacqueline added, “He side stepped a lot of the questions tonight and seemed to call on some he knew would give praise to his cause.”

Jacqueline friend and fellow Greenwich resident, Cheryl Resnick, who attended with her husband Jeff a trader at an international bank, had her hand up at every chance but was unfortunately ignored by the moderator.

Cheryl said, “We got babysitters for this, showed up early to get in and had some important questions but were shut out.”  Cheryl’s questions posted at the end of the story have been sent to Himes and his team said to expect a response.

At the end of the meeting Cheryl, a blond blue-eyed republican, added, “You know I noticed all the people who talked against the public option really did their homework. They have real fears for a reason. “ She also added that even if Himes went gung ho against the public option it wouldn’t make a difference because Obama would just buy the votes to get his Health Care bill done – kind of puts Himes in a tough spot.

Himes did comment half way through the debate about his view re health care lobbying and fund raising corruption. “I simply want to remind you that when offered a pay raise this year I didn’t take it because I saw so many of you not getting them, “ says Himes and then noted “ In this country your ability to raise money is often how we elect congressman – this is a problem.”

When Himes was asked what would he do if congress was forced to the take the public option he responded, “Well first of all no one is going to be forced to TAKE the public option. But, I believe congressman should not benefit any differently than our citizens.” To give Himes credit he listened, looked each person in the eye and didn’t interrupt even when some boldly called him out on not reading legislation he voted on like the 1,200 page Waxman-Markey clean energy bill.

After an hour and half of listening and trying to answer his constituents health care concerns, Himes stepped up to the plate and took another 15 minutes to address the frustrated mob of at least 50 residents remaining outside. Although we found it odd he needed 8 local cops to escort him outside and talk to them.

Questions mounted by attendees walking out of the event regarding why team Himes choose a room that only fits 200 people if they wanted to truly hear all voters voice. Over 400 people tried to get in and that doesn’t even count the ones who walked away when they saw the mob.

When WGCH radio host Tony Savino, who moderated the event, was asked who picked this venue he said, “I thought it was going to be at the Greenwich Hyatt. I don’t know who changed it.”

Liz Kerr, Himes DC spokesman responded, “We never secured the Hyatt.” She didn’t answer why a bigger forum to house more residents wasn’t chosen – like the Greenwich High School?  If you’re game to go face to face with Himes again you find him tomorrow night at the Norwalk High School starting at 6:30. Although I doubt many Greenwichites want to make the trek over there.

Here’s a link to Himes’ press girl asking outside mob if they want info on the Norwalk event – they all yell no – it’s classic.http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play/1079334/himes_holds_town_hall_on_health_care

Here is the question posed to Rep. Himes, which he has promised to answer. When (if) he does, we’ll post it here. [Ed]

Cheryl Resnick question for Congressman Himes:
When Massachusetts implemented universal health care Cheryl had a friend who found it impossible to find a good doctor after her regular doctor retired. As a result they had to opt out for a private option paying over $5,000 more so they could get a doctor that look fewer patients and was available when they needed him.
Cheryl asks: If the administration is saying an additional 47 million people will be added to the public option, how will they responsibly handle the inflow of new patients – so what happened in Mass doesn’t happen here. How will the public option participants know they can still get their good doctors if the public option pays the doctor less? Do we have enough quality medical talent to handle an influx of 47 million new patients to the system? 


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Hot time at the Himes Town Hall meeting tonight

Himes is speaking at Town Hall right now (6:45) and being broadcast by WGCH – who knew that station was still in business? – I couldn’t get in because, when I arrived at 6, I was told by a very polite policeman that seating/standing capacity was 200 and it was already filled. Turns out the Dems sent out emails urging TeddyKare supporters to show up at 4:30 and take all the seats. Those of us with jobs – non Democrats, in other words, were to be shut out. I’m told by someone listening to the broadcast that, judging from the noise, the Dems missed some seats but what the heck, should be fun.

Update: They let in a reporter from Greenwich Time. Maybe I should have tried to crash the party as a blogging reporter?

Long way from home

Long way from home









himes 003

No room at the inn
No room at the inn

himes 002


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If a dummy like me can figure it out, what’s wrong with Congress?

Sailing to Mel's AutoWorld

Sailing to Mel's AutoWorld

Last week I suggested that the reason the cash for clunkers program worked so well when manufacturer rebates did nothing is that the latter just allowed you to save some of your own money while the former allowed you to pick your neighbor’s pocket and have him subsidize your new car. Today the Wall Street Journal points out the same thing.

The buying spree is good for the car companies, if only for the short term and for certain car models. It’s good, too, for folks who’ve been sitting on an older car or truck but weren’t sure they had the cash to trade it in for something new. Now they get a taxpayer subsidy of up to $4,500, which on some models can be 25% of the purchase price. It’s hardly surprising that Peter is willing to use a donation from his neighbor Paul, midwifed by Uncle Sugar, to class up his driveway.

On the other hand, this is crackpot economics. The subsidy won’t add to net national wealth, since it merely transfers money to one taxpayer’s pocket from someone else’s, and merely pays that taxpayer to destroy a perfectly serviceable asset in return for something he might have bought anyway. By this logic, everyone should burn the sofa and dining room set and refurnish the homestead every couple of years.

I assume that Congressman Jim Himes learned something about economics at Lawrenceville Prep and even more at Harvard, so why did he vote for this boondoggle? For that matter, even if he’s from Cos Cob, he must be aware that we sailors would love a new Hinckley and surely a boat-builder’s job is as important as an assembly line worker’s in Detroit? Why not pass out $450,000 new boat subsidies and put Maine back to work? It’s all funny money anyway and doesn’t cost anything so where’s my check?

It could have something to do with the fact that boatworkers don’t belong to the UAW, you think?


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This could be a fun way to spend a day of your August vacation

Operation Embarrass Your Congressman. The idea is to get hold of your Congressman’s public appearance schedule (I’ll do that for Jim Himes shortly), grab some like-minded colleagues and (civilly) ask the fellow embarrassing questions like, how much of the Health Care bill have you actually read? If “the $1 billion allotted for your Cash for Clunkers program was expected to last through November and instead was exhausted in one week, how confident are you about the cost estimates for your health care plan?’. Etc. Lots of suggested questions at the link but surely you’ll be easily able to come up with your own. As the Professor reminds us, dissent is patriotic!

UPDATE: For some reason, the “find out when Jim will be in your neighborhood” feature on his web pages doesn’t work. in fact, it doesn’t exist, but he promises it will be “coming soon”. So I’ve subscribed for his emailed newsletter and if he’s any more forthcoming there on where he’ll be this month, I’ll post it.


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No Obamcare vote before recess

Blue Dog Democrats don’t like the bill and have stopped it, for now. It’s too much to ask, but not too much to hope, that the new king of the Greenwich Democrat Party, Congressman Jim Himes, will use the break to actually read both the Carbon Tax bill he supports and this medical thing. If he and his colleagues really propose to completely transform the economy by shutting off fossil fuels and wresting control of health care shouldn’t they at least know what they’re proposing to do? A more humble person might conclude if the plan is too complicated to understand it’s too complicated to attempt, at least without some consideration, but right now I’d settle for Himes just reading the damn things.

Did you catch the boy yesterday? Full square behind Barney Frank’s attempt to do what he’s wanted to do for years but until now lacked the votes to accomplish: regulate executive’s pay for all corporations. These people have no sense of limitation and are determined to throw out the free market in favor of a marketplace controlled and dictated by them. I just don’t have the confidence in them they they do. But the people have spoken, and soundly rejected the notion of impartial market forces governing their lives. They want order and predictability even if, as Russia proved the only predictability is shoddy goods and not enough of them, so long as they don’t have to take care of themselves. The infantilization of America is almost done and Himes is shoving it towards the finish line.

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Obama/Himes Carbon Tax Bill goodies

BusinessInsider has some highlights of last minute boondoggles slipped into the Carbon Tax Bill. My favorite?

  • East Coast Reps that were nervous about losing jobs to the midwest made it more difficult for power transmission lines to be installed anywhere but west of the Rockies.
  • Remember, Himes’s staff insists that he read every word of the 1300 page document before voting for it, so next time he shows up in town to discuss his job performance, it would nice to hear him explain this.

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    Here’s another bill Congressman Jim Himes was too dumb to read

    The ex-Goldman Sachs boy is really giving Cos Cob a bad name as the details of the bills he voted so willingly and ignorantly for start crawling to the surface. How about this?

    U.K. liquor maker, Diego, received $2.7 billion in TARP money to transfer its operations from Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, to the U.S. Virgin Islands, another U.S. territory. 

    I assume $2.7 billion is chump change to a man of Mr. Hime’s wealth but unless inflation really takes off, I will work the rest of my life and my children, their children and their children’s children will work the rest of their lives paying taxes to Hime’s government and never approach paying this amount of wasted money. It is a lot of money to most people – Himes and his crowd tossed it onto the bonfire like it was – well, someone else’s money. Let’s get rid of this man before he becomes entrenched.


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