Cause and effect? The McCloy house hits the market

Walt Noe, John J. McCloy and wives, all bestest friends. "Now give me my money back!"

Walt Noel, John J. McCloy and wives, all bestest friends. "Now give me my money back!"

John J. McCloy’s house at 313 Stanwich Road has been listed for sale today at $6.495 million, not a totally crazy price for an old 1928 rambler on 3 acres; the town pegs its assessment at $5.346 and as these things go, that’s pretty close. Too bad they sold off some lots in back, as that land has been cleared and now sits, bare and unattractive (like so many of us, I fear). But what intrigues me is, what else, the Walter Noel connection. In a letter of recommendation on behalf of Walt to the Round Hill Club John J. described his wife Laura and himself as “the Noels closest friends for thirty years” yet, in an interview with the Times earlier this year, McCloy denied having ever invested anything with his closest friend. Is that so? Did he really refuse his friend’s entreaties or did he send a few too many millions down to Two Sound View Drive? Mr. McCloy certainly won’t tell us, but I wonder if his name appears as a plaintiff in any of the civil suits now wrapped around Walter’s head?

UPDATE: You know, all teasing speculation aside, Mr. McCloy’s father was a remarkable man of astonishing achievement – rebuilt Germany after WWII, among other part-time activities. Came up from a poor background to end up serving every president from Truman to Regan. His obituary from 1989 is here.

UPDATE: Map view here. Notice the waste pits behind the property.



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5 responses to “Cause and effect? The McCloy house hits the market

  1. Fake Walt

    Out of all the people whose life savings I lost, John Mc Cloy is the one that I regret the most. John is too much of a gentleman to put the blame on anyone but himself. He would rather sell his house and take his loss than to slander his old pal.

    I really feel bad for what happened. We were the best of friends. I remember when wife Laura used to host the most lavish Christmas parties. She used to try to set her sons up with my daughters but the filly’s had higher aspirations. They didn’t want anything to do with those two knuckleheads. Ahhh those were the days

    off to see the lawyers

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  2. pulled up in OG

    Greedy bastard! Three acres and the property line is so tight to the house you’d think you were on North Water St. . . . or Cos Cob Ave. (wink)

    New owner might have near a decade of eyesore and disturbance till that wasteland is finished. Gonna be tough to find a buyer dumb enough to pay $6.5M for that.

  3. Ass Saver

    Can John Cline of Day Jones law firm save Bourke’s ass in the defense closing arguments?

  4. black & white

    can anyone tell the barber or stylist to do a better job on the mccloys hair? The babe is in serious need of highlights and the guy is desperate for some just for men hair products.

  5. nina coulter

    Any more percs anyone?