Where was our Attorney General on this one?

eHarmony has settled a suit brought by New Jersey’s Attorney General and will redesign its website to accommodate the dating needs of homosexuals.Let’s see, a private enterprise choosing to sell a particular product to a particular group of people, there must be a violation of law in there somewhere, right? The author of the article I link to compares it to a vegetarian suing a steak house for not offering vegetables, but what most struck me was, where is Mike Blumenthal? He loves this kind of stuff and God knows, Connecticut’s budget is in as lousy condition as New Jersey’s – are we going to just stand by and watch New Jersey fritter away tax dollars and steal the media spotlight? Where is our Nutmeg pride?


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3 responses to “Where was our Attorney General on this one?

  1. Anonymous

    When did our attorney general’s name become “Mike” Blumenthal? I thought it was Richard.

  2. anonymous

    for once I agree with your politics. this is truly dumb.

  3. christopherfountain

    Even a stopped clock and all that. You’ll notice from the post above yours that I’m back to usual form (I have to stop listening to Mayor Bloomberg on Fridays- it obviously confuses me)