Bourke found guilty

A reader just alerted me that Frederic Bourke was found guilty. I’ll go see.

Sure enough. Here’s the WSJ report. The Christmas party at Round Hill Club is going to look pretty thin this year with everyone on the street in jail or in hiding.

More on Bloomberg.


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22 responses to “Bourke found guilty

  1. Guilty Fool

    Ouch! I said he should have testified on his own behalf. Lawyer Webb knew the score in advance, they always do. But Bourke, the cocky fellow knows better. I guess COCKY will be his new prison nickname. I hate it when the guilty do not speak. Like Taubman and Martha. See what they got. At least defend yourself. Appeal! GO PEAL A BANANA, Bourke. His kids are probably more upset than he is. Gravity prevails. What went up now comes down. Now are you going to be humble or are you going to push other older women around on walking trails?! Bourke the jerk. Reform yourself and don’t be pompous to your probation officer and please treat the halfway house population with respect.

  2. Megan

    Do they allow conjugal visits?

  3. Bourke's Greenwich employees

    This guy has a caretaker named Paul who lives down the block from our family near Greenwich Ave and is a fellow church member at St. Mary Catholic Church. I hope he don’t get laid off and still has a job. What will happen to his Greenwich place when he is in the prison cell lock-up? Are there any holidays off for prisoners? Bourke is looking a 5 to 10 with time off for good behavior. From what Sirbono tells me about his boss, Bourke has VERY BAD behavior. Good luck!

  4. Cooperate

    Now will FAB cooperate and be the third witness against Kozeny? Follow Farrell and Bodner and get a lesser or lighter sentence. Will this get dangled in front of Richie Rich?… Bourke should have taken the plea deal and helped (not fight) the government efforts to get Kozeny. 20/20 hindsight.
    Any comments from the other Bourke supporters out there?

  5. Cotswood

    This will be overturned on appeal. I also know Paulie Sirbono, and he has been a loyal friend to and employee of Ric Bourke for a long time. I don’t really see him talking out of class…

  6. Fake Megan

    Dear Ricky,
    You know Ricky, it has been fun skiing in Aspen and sailing in Seal Harbor with you for the last 10 years. But, I am not getting any younger. Adios. I don’t do prisons. I am outta here.
    Hang ten.
    Your “life partner”,
    Much love,

  7. Suicide watch

    I’m sure the crisis hot line will be ringing tonight. Bourke, please keep your head on. You don’t have to do any work in Jail either. You are accustomed to that life. Just put some posters up and get in some reading time for the next few years. Really, your life is still more interesting than anyone I know. Keep it together for your family sake.

  8. Peter Dooney

    Dear Ric,
    I am renaming the company Dooney & US Inmate Prison # 06831051946. I think the rapsters will like the new real convict gangster feel of our new company. Instead of Hayden Panitiere, will will get Lil Kim as a spokes model. Oh, behave in prison, don’t kill anybody there. Otherwise, they will inject you with a lethal substance.

  9. Positive Spin

    Positive spin-meister says “we will win on appeal”. Sounds good at the Club or other social gatherings.
    Realist says “wear those pin-strips! with honor”-you earned them. Get ready for your prison tattoo!
    There are no grounds for any appeal. Don’t waste our time and your money. Webb was right from the start but you were too stubborn as usual to listen to anybody. Change your ways.
    The Judge went to the same schools you did Bourke and she even excluded prejudicial stuff like the prostitutes you cavorted with on Kozeny’s Gulfstream or even Dooney’s “needle remarks”. Take your sentence like a man, maybe help out the government case, confess your sins, and move forward. See you in about 4 to 7 years. Don’t let them make more of an example out of you. Let your kids move on. This has been dogging you for 10 years already. Help the G-men get Kozeny you idiot and stop wasting everybody time.

  10. Nonie Sullivan


  11. Health Issues

    Let me guess. Bourke is going to tell the Judge he has a terminal disease and can’t do prison time. Always an excuse. Wait and see.

  12. G.U.I.L.T.Y.

    The only grounds Bourke has for appeal are the grounds at the bottom of his coffee cup.

  13. Mouse

    The Pirate of Prague Speaks (and it is precious):

    “The jury had decided that Mr. Bourke lied and bribed,” Kozeny said in an e-mailed statement. He said Bourke deserved a “minimal” sentence. “In our Judeo-Christian culture, we base our life on forgiveness,” Kozeny said.

  14. Even the Jury had Pity on Bourke

    “Even the jury “felt bad for him” but still convicted him guilty on lying to FBI and bribing a foreign government. Nice review of informal conference of jurors after trial.

  15. Bourke-Like father, like son

    Frederic A Bourke Jr. (Ricky) hangs out with Senator Mitchell and see what happened. Now the son FA Bourke III (Avery) is seen hanging out with Congressman Shays and his wife. Where will this lead? Another trial or scandal? Politicians, you are warned, stay away from the Bourke’s! They are BAD for your career.

  16. objective

    Lame decision. Call me a sore guesser at what the outcome would be. I anticipate the following:
    No jail time, out on while the appeal is filed and aquitted or some other deal on appeal…

    Dude lost his own money – Gov. looks good on paper – Bourke will not do any hard time. By the way, too much fun at another’s expense – this is serious stuff and the insensitive posts are lame.

    Now that the Prosecuters played their hand – I like the appeal chances –
    Lastly – poorly covered in the press – talk about information gaps – It was maybe one update a week at best.

  17. Appeal ?!*&%!

    What is this guy CRAZY? What is Bourke going to appeal on? It was a fair trial and he is GUILTY! The Supreme Court will not want to hear this case. One FCPA blog said Bourke put himself in a “defenseless position”. I believe that too. So did the jury who showed pity and still found him guilty.

    Bourke went to bed with Kozeny and woke up with a whore. Not the first time Bourke has spent time with prostitutes. Some of your posters here are simply delusional, or Bourke family members who are in denial, or BOTH.

    The documents showed a heavy connection between Kozeny and Bourke. If he was smart, he would have plead GUILTY like Webb told him, give up and become a prosecution witness against Kozeny.

    The smile on Mitchell’s face is so telling. Don’t !?%&*! with the US government. Mitchell is a member of that Club, not Bourke. Obviously Bourke has a lot of money to waste everyone’s time and the US Judge in his case will throw the maximum at him. Bourke is truly a jerk like one post mentioned.

    You lost Bourke, now cry like a baby in Jail for a while like that Russian post said. You deserve it.

  18. Jail time for Bourke

    The old jailhouse whine: “I was innocent”. Bourke will get jail time as a signal to others. He got caught. You can fight it all you want but you will still be found guilty like Farrell and Bodner. Even the jury of 12 found those two more credible and Bourke not credible. Bourke’s only option now is hope the government would even want him as a witness. They may just lock him up and throw away the key. Bourke ask Webb for advice and follow it this time.

    Bourke defense was weak and lame:

    1. A ski bum girlfriend (Megan) who never heard him say anything about a bribe at Bourke’s “home offices” in wealthy towns like Seal Harbor, Aspen, or Greenwich.
    2. a playboy silver spoon childhood friend from Detroit (Bobby Evans) who was partying it up with Kozeny, Bourke, and oh yeah, the Russian prostitutes, on the flight over to Azerbajan.
    3. Senator “I knew nothing” Mitchell who made a quick dash for the door and will never pick up a telephone call from Bourke or his Maine friends like Douglass ever again.
    4. testimony on tape from some dying “victim” in Florida that probably never made it to trial.
    5. even his original lawyer Webb washed his hands of this guy Bourke.

    GOOD LUCK on your appeal. Bourke just wants a few more years to ski (Aspen), sail (Maine), and watch polo (Greenwich). I think we got your number Bourke and the US government has got your number waiting (US Inmate Prison #06831051946).

  19. LeVine-Business Week

    How does sticking the head in the sand become a crime?