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Yesterday a coyote, this morning, a fox

I realize that those of you who live in the country aren’t necessarily bowled-over by reports of such sightings but here in crowded little Riverside, they’re noteworthy. I suspect that the return of wildlife is due at least in part to switch from free-roaming packs of dogs to individual dogs kept on their owners’ yards by invisible fencing.

In the 60’s no one restrained their dogs and the neighborhood packs drove out all the rabbits, for sure and, if there were any about back then, any lurking coyotes and foxes. Today the rabbits are back and have been joined by wild turkeys, deer and the aforementioned coyotes and foxes. An interesting trade-off which I guess is an improvement – certainly it’s amusing to see some elegant wife of a hedge funder trailing behind her leashed dog, with a bulging sack of dog poo in her diamond-encrusted hand.


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Okay, this is wrong, but I enjoy the irony

Two men dressed as Arabs pulled from flight after fellow passengers complain. The irony? They were muslims on their way to a conference on bias against muslims.


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I’m as slow as Microsoft Exlorer

I tend to use Microsoft Explorer as my browser by default because I need it to access the MLS.  I’ve suffered very slow fill rates as the result but I blamed that slowness on the servers of the websites I visit, or perhaps my router here at home.

Then, on a hunch, last night I switched to Google’s Chrome browser, which has been sitting on my desktop for at least two years. Turbocharged! Pages fill in a zip, no waiting, no crashes. It’s all been the fault of that crappy browser from Microsoft, not the websites themselves.

Explorer is about what I’ve come to expect from Microsoft – how long before the weight of all their crappy applications and operating systems brings them down?


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Nothing against McDonalds but …

25% of the jobs created last month were the result of McDonalds huge hiring program. I have always disagreed with those liberals who deride “McJobs’ – a job, any job, can teach kids the importance of showing up on time, every day, working hard and the rewards of such behavior. And McDonalds offers a career path from hamburger flipper to management, just as UPS management is comprised of people who started as loaders and drivers.

All that said, these aren’t quite the high tech “clean energy” jobs promised by the great one.


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Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight

And don’t bring a cat to a war. Posted by a dog lover, read how they serve in the military, including mention of the dog who accompanied SEAL Team 6 last Sunday. Myself I like both dogs and cats but if there’s a stranger at the door, I’d prefer to have Casey, my late 110 lb wonder dog, back by my side.

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