Will Gary Rosenbach be moving to Round Hill Road?


Gary and Susan Rosenbach, tax cheats panachemag.com photo

Mr. Rosenbach, a founder of Galleon Group with Raj Rajaratnam, is seemingly implicated in the insider trading case brought against Raj. There had been speculation that Rosenbach had avoided Raj’s fate by becoming a cooperating witness but now wire taps seem to tell a different tale. All very interesting. The Rosenbach manor at 217 Taconic Road is for sale but it’s been so for years, long before the present scandal (but around the time he and Rajaratnam paid $33 million for engaging in tax fraud). It started around $23 million, is down to about $14, and Zillow says it’s worth $7. I think Zillow’s estimate is too low – this is a very nice house, on good land, but in this market, who knows? And, if Rosenbach wants to make the move to Round Hill to join Raj, Walt, Ric and all the other felons and accused felons on that street, he might take a low offer just to get there ahead of the FBI. As an aside, Rosenbach and his wife are big contributors to Hillary Cliton and Obama. Odd how often people like this who know how to take my money and spend it pay no income tax themselves. Some people get exactly what they deserve.



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8 responses to “Will Gary Rosenbach be moving to Round Hill Road?

  1. AJ

    Contributing to Hillary and Obama should in itself be a felony.

  2. tagpeddler

    for me i just love the way her tits hang low in her dress. that has to stand for something doesn’t it?

  3. plover

    or not stand

  4. Anonymous

    Nominal taxes are for little folks like our poorer, more public brethren at GS with W-2 wages….not for HF or PE or VC guys who have fancier (legal) ways to minimize taxes…and can easily leave NYC/Greenwich for Dallas or London or Geneva if US taxes become too annoying

    Look into how little taxes (vs income) Soros or Warren ever paid, despite silly commie rhetoric

  5. Anonymous

    Sorry, but that neighborhood just hasn’t been the same ever since Frank and Kathy Lee Gifford decamped years ago for Riverside (of all places).

    A cool million dollars worth of cachet gone with the wind.

  6. Anonymous

    They also own 21 Midwood Drive (off Glenville) which is on the market for around 14 mil.

  7. networthdeclining

    I dont see where it says he has been implicated in anything. What am I missing?

    • christopherfountain

      Wire taps of one inside trader contain references to “G” which, according to the WSJ, are interpreted to mean Gary Rosenbach.