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Is there any politician out there who’s capable of being honest about his service record?

Republican senatorial candidate for Illinois admits he lied about being named “intelligence officer of the year”. My own father would never say what he did during the war, although I always suspected it was something to do with Naval Intelligence, but it was only the past week that, reflecting on Mr. Blumenthal’s  transgressions, I realized that the Navy wouldn’t have sent a Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserve over to Japan the day after the surrender, where he was the highest-ranking officer for 24 hours, if he was indeed just what he told us he was.

But my father had sworn an oath of secrecy, which he honored to his death. And he was no braggart. It goes without saying that he was also not a politician.


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Bummer – Top kill fails

BP to try “other alternatives”.


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Arizona: 687 illegals apprehended on one day.

That seems to be normal traffic, and if you assume we’re catching maybe ten per cent of our would-be immigrants, we’re in trouble.

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Just in time for Father’s Day

A new tee-shirt!


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