Price it, sell it


202 W. Lyon

202 W. Lyon

202 W. Lyon Farm, listed at $1.295, sells in fifteen days for $1.306 million. Impressive, but the history is instructive. This was originally listed with another broker in 2008 at $1.875 and went unsold for two years as it gradually fell to $1.650. The unit was pulled and was returned to the market this spring, spruced up and priced at what was obviously a slightly-below-market price. Over and done. This isn’t rocket science.


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12 responses to “Price it, sell it

  1. Anon

    I’m surprised a unit sold over a million. Some of them were trading in the 8’s. is there a sudden resurgence for Lyon?

    • I’m as surprised as you are, especially because there were obviously at least two buyers for this place. Fluke, trend or just an exceptional unit? Guess we’ll see.

      • Anon

        Gee, even if the unit were exceptional, isn’t the rule of thumb never be the most expensive house on the street nor condo in the farm?

  2. Chimney

    In the last several years, some units have been combined and modernized, so it may have been one of those. I haven’t followed the LF market recently, but the $1M pricetag for Lyon’s Farm was broken several years ago. What really blows my mind is that when they were built back in the 60s/70s, they could not give them away for $100 thou.

  3. InfoDiva

    Most of the units for sale at Lyon Farm look nothing like this and need complete renovation, including new windows. Clearly, this unit was upgraded appropriately to sell. Other units are beyond tired.

  4. Chimney

    On another subject, did you see on Drudge that Obey-me said: “maybe I should just pack up and go home”- you could have some fun with this!

  5. Anonymous

    What’s the attraction for Lyons Farm? I have never been there, just passed it now & then on Weaver.

    Honestly when I first moved here I thought it was a city housing complex. Paying $1MM+ for cheapo T1-11 siding and 1×3 doug fir molding? Really?

    They look like subsidized cheapo housing stock from the 70’s.

    • First (? Early, anyway) condo project in Greenwich. P&Z didn’t know what to make of the concept so demanded detached garages – go figure. 1970’s, T-11 siding, usual Arthur Collins quality, pretty much an eh. But they were popular once and as the original owners are carted off to Nathaniel Witherell or more permanent quarters across the street from the nursing home, perhaps new, younger buyers will replace them. I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Anonymous

    they’re nicely sized units, it would appear, but my goodness….they’re butt ugly. and i have pretty low standards as it is.

  7. Anonymous

    and p.s. if ya really absolutely gotta have a greenwich address and want a nice condo, there’s a bunch of ’em going up (and already up) on the port chester border/byram called river-something. i saw one of them inside–beautifully made & decorated. upside is walking distance to dairy queen! downside is…take your pick.

  8. olderresident

    There have been several of the larger Lyon Farm units that have sold for more than $1 million in recent months. One of the attractions, is that the outside maintenance is covered by the Association. Great for older, part-time residents.