Democrats sure do love their guns!

But don’t you wish they wouldn’t use them so carelessly?



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6 responses to “Democrats sure do love their guns!

  1. Anonymous

    Hardly a revelation that Dems and gun violence are concentrated in heavily populated urban areas?

  2. shoeless

    We can now keep gun free zones and be safe. Yippee!!

  3. watch out if you’re a Prius driving, Starbucks drinking, NPR listening dweeb:

  4. peg

    As y’all know, I am not a gun lover whatsoever. But – I’m able to read and comprehend. What part of “gun control almost always does nothing to prevent the crime you hate – and actually may contribute to greater death” do liberals not understand?!

    • Some of them don’t understand, others don’t care, and yet others do understand but actually want the increased violence.