Back in hot water

Whaddya think, Roman look? Old Williamsburg?

Whaddya think, Roman look? Old Williamsburg?

Zillow reports that the spec house at 12 Byfield Lane, asking $9,999,999, is once again embroiled in a foreclosure action. I once met the builder of this house and he was quite angry with my previous comments about his project. I believe all I’d said was that it seemed unlikely that Byfield Lane would support its then-asking price of $12 million, but who wants to hear bad news?

The builder survived a previous attempt at foreclosure by prevailing on a counter-claim against his lender, so there’s no doubt there’s been a lot of angst here (increased by the loss via foreclosure of another project at 8 Alpine Road). But the fact remains, $10 million or $12, price tags in this range aren’t moving. Especially on Byfield Lane.


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9 responses to “Back in hot water

  1. Cobra

    21st Century Russian.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Nice pictures from 2009. Good year for cameras. Its only a 10MM listing, so shouldnt bother using a pro photographer and perhaps a website or planomatic.

    • Anonymous

      It is unbelievable that the broker uses the ’09 dated pics!
      Inexperienced builder and uncaring broker.

  3. Linda in Poughkeepsie

    Looks like a hotel, not a house.

  4. Anonymous

    i see dead people in there.

  5. The listing also misspelled the grandeur that’s going to take my breath away. Classy.

    • Anon

      Funny. I’m hoping to own the “prettiest chimneys in Fairfield”. Isn’t that why we buy houses?

  6. Anonymous

    I said the same thing to the builder down the street on Byfield- I think he started the price in the high 7’s and now it is still available, a short sale, and in the high 3’s. They just didn’t get it. Byfield is a nice enough street but would support houses in the 2-4 million range.

    • That would be Mr. Tsoi. Every spec house be built – at least 4 – fell to foreclosure. A classic example of an out-of-towner buying cheap, marginal land on the assumption that, because this is Greenwich, he could find buyers for hugely expensive homes built on inferior lots.
      Bad move.