Ferdinand Steyer, Mountain Works

I’ve recommended my friend Ferdinand before (and provided a link to his business over on the right) . A reader used that link, hired Ferd and sends along this report. Speaks for itself. And good job, Ferd – if you’d screwed up I’d have gained an angry reader nd lost my cred.

Chris, I just wanted to thank you for recommending Mountain Works.  Ferdinand just finished a job for me at my house installing new doors and updating our electrical.  His work (as you already know) is simply the best – outstanding craftsmanship, fair prices and a pleasure to deal with.  I can’t wait to use him again for our next home improvement project.


  • Mountain Works, Ferdinand Steyer , Greenwich. (203) 216-3329

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    4 responses to “Ferdinand Steyer, Mountain Works

    1. Anon E. Moose

      Since this is a throw-away thread anyway:

      Happy belated birthday, CF. But to hell with celebrating birthdays, in this market you should be celebrating that Quail Rd. sale!

    2. Cobra

      And speaking about your recommended tradesmen, Stuart Hemby and his crew washed our windows, inside and out, on Tuesday.

      He is a professional. Nice guy, as well. Our now retired window washer for the last two decades did a competent job, but Stuart didn’t just wash the windows, he cleaned the tracks, sills, etc. Spotless. Even vacuumed the floor even though he and his crew wore protective “socks” over their shoes while inside the house.

      Not cheap, as his sales materials state, but definitely a superior, first class job representing excellent value for money.

      We told him to use us as a reference.

      And no, Chris, I paid him with a valid check that will clear, not via one of my “trades” such as those with which I used to scam you and your brothers 40 years or so ago. He was way too astute to fall for that.

    3. Cobra


      In cast you don’t know his contact information…

      Stuart’s address is: stuart@clearviewwindowwashers.com

    4. Walt

      Dude –
      Even though no one reads this blog except you, I can use all the gorrila – gorilla – gorrilla? Oh heck. I can use all the cheap marketing I can get. Anyway, the market is rebounding, and we at FGG know folks are still feeling some pain. And we at FGG want to help folks get back on their feet, and not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.
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      Anyway, tell your reader to go to http://www.itwasbernienotwalt.com, and use pay pal to make a deposit. Because we feel bad about what happened to investors, we have lowered our minimum investment to $10k.
      And if they say they learned about us from
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      So let’s ROCK!!!!!
      Your Pal,