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Greenwich fire houseGPD Folks mentioned last week that the original limestone facade of the Central Greenwich fire house is, at the insistence of our local preservationists, going to be reused on the new building despite the fact that identical stone would be far less expensive. Which prompts a hypo:

Suppose a sheriff appears at your door one fine spring morning and tells you that, for sentimental reasons, your neighbor wants to reuse the facade of the mansion he is tearing down, and wants you to reimburse him for the additional cost of this indulgence. If you refuse, the sheriff  informs you, he will seize your house, sell it at auction and take the money that way. Do you have any right to object?

Not in Greenwich.


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6 responses to “A question

  1. your town is messed up

    dainty people making lots of dumb homeowner mistakes using lots of municipal money, maybe on purpose

  2. Anonymous

    That’s just absurd.

    Hey Chris,
    White Honda pickup truck?
    That you or Walt? 😉

  3. Just the Facts!

    Watch, half way through the process they will bait and switch to a new facade…and blame it on the poor quality of the limestone, or there is not enough of it to cover the new building. This plan was always a ploy to manipulate the historical people. The historical people even conceded that it would be a waste once the old building and it’s architecture was demolished. Conversely, they proposed an architectural bake off for cutting edge designs to make a new building historical in the future….just like they had done in previous projects like the old Central Fire House. This project is just another half-assed compromise that has Greenwich on it’s way to second rate Town status….JTF!

    • GPD Folk

      JTF…the new building will replicate the old “Art Deco” bldg of the old Police/Fire building that will be demolished…same design and same dimensions ….I’m told….the newer brick addition will not be part of the new building’s footprint…..so sorry…no bait & switch…

  4. FlyAngler

    “Do you have any right to object?” – That depends, if you are in Hartford’s database as a gun owner and the sheriff has the SW Connecticut SWAT team behind him in their Bearcat, I would say NO.

  5. Anonymous

    What can a resident do to prevent such waste of taxpayer money ?