Sale, accepted offers

One sale, two A/O’s reported this morning.

44 Winthrop Drive

20 Winthrop Drive

20 Winthrop Drive, building lot, sold in a bidding war for $1.560 million on a $1.450 ask. Couple of points: this same house sold to an end user in 2002 for $1.525 million in 2002; this time, it sat unwanted from October to March, when the bidding war broke out. I’d attribute that to the explosion of sales on Hearthstone around that time. But if you care to track when the Riverside market roared back to life, this was it.

44 Dandy Drive

44 Dandy Drive

44 Dandy Drive, one acre in Cos Cob and also a building lot (of one so-so acre), has an accepted offer after 7 days. Asked $799,000.

8 Roosevelt Avenue, Old Greenwich asked $1.295 million, went in 8 day. Roosevelt Avenue! This used to be the neighborhood for Electrolux assembly line workers.


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6 responses to “Sale, accepted offers

  1. shoeless

    Winthrop is not going to be torn down. Gutting to the studs.

  2. shoeless

    I looked at 8 Roosevelt as a rental about 4 years ago. I can’t imagine someone plans to live there as is.

  3. Cos Cobber

    It would be nice to see Dandy Drive resume its transition to max FAR new construction homes. That little area of mid Cos Cob, from the RiverStone development on Valley down to Dandy and from the Mianus River over to the Pinetum has a moderate amount of activity again.

  4. Anonymous

    Nothing says you’ve arrived quite like sharing your shower with your 5 year old.

  5. valleyroader

    And there is a nice house (and well priced) at the end of Valley Road on the market with a newly rebuilt pool.

  6. Anonymous

    When I lived on Roosevelt, several years ago, we had two tow truck drivers living on the street. Nothing like waking up to sound of backup warnings from a tow truck responding to a call at 2 in the morning…